Best Writing Practices That New Bloggers Should Know

Hey and welcome back, Today we will be looking into the Best Writing Practices That New Bloggers Should Know. There are many different ways of writing a post.

 There is what you learned in school and how it needs to be for writing a blog post these methods should be structured in a totally different way.

Learning to write in a different style can be hard in the beginning.

There are lessons you can follow to achieve this end result quickly Inside Wealthy Affiliate it is free to join at the time of writing this.

This post may contain Affiliate Links which means if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission. the price you pay will not be affected. This helps to keep me in coffee when writing!

We need to learn to write content that gets found by the search engines and that is not the same way as writing for a newspaper or writing a novel.

Another factor is writing for our visitors, the information needs to answer their questions even though we may not know for sure what the questions are?

Let’s dive in and learn some quality content writing tips:

#1 Writing For Your Visitors

When a person comes to your post they are looking for answers to their questions.

These can be delivered in many different forms.

Images on your site can speak a thousand words on their own. Then there is a Video option that some are going to prefer to watch as opposed to reading.

Next, there is the content itself that connects all of the points together from the title to the very last word.

You have to have continuity in every post!


#2 No Plagiarised Content

You Cannot under any circumstances copy any other work. If you do you will be found out by the search engines and penalized in a way that affects traffic coming to your site.

The author of the original content can also receive pingbacks to their site to alert them to your post and you could be served with a takedown notice and you can face costly court proceedings.

There are free Plagiarism tools like that you can use to check your content.

#3 Be Conversational When Writing

Picture yourself having a discussion about how to start a blog from scratch with one of your work colleagues. 

Write the posts in that style, answer the questions you know are going to be asked.

You are not writing a non-fiction book that is going to be 600 pages in length and has 100,000 words.

The average visitor just skims your work for a short time so you need to write for that eventuality.

Conversationally is the best way to keep them to the end.


#4 Make Each Paragraph About A Single Subject

To ensure your writing flows in a natural manner you should only speak about one single subject in each paragraph.

If you start to jump from topic to topic the visitor will get bored and exit the page.

If you have 15 separate points to make, then make 15 separate headings.

You can add a table of contents so they can jump to the parts that they really want the answers to.

#5 Break Up The Content

Nobody likes to read huge blocks of text.  

Use Numbered lists as well as bullet points to make scanning easier.

Your visitors will find the content more appealing visually.

#6 The Importance Of Headlines

Your post title is what catches people’s attention, make sure it compels the reader to click the post.

Ask questions in the post relating to the headline For example:

1. How many of these writing tips were you aware of?

2. What attracted you to this post?

Invoke a reaction from the reader in each paragraph you write but don’t overdo it.

How-To Write-A-Blog A-people-want-to-read

#7 Add Images Or Videos

The first thing a visitor to your site sees are the images if they are visually stimulating the person will be more inclined to stay and read the text.

You can also use charts and tables to break up longer points of view.

How much longer do you stay on a post that has relevant videos and pictures?

There are many free sites you can obtain images from such as and

#8 Paragraph Lengths

How often do you read blog posts?

If you have answered I read them a lot you will have noticed that the paragraphs are very short.

This is done for the express purpose of making the content scannable.

The more direct and straight to the point you can write the better user experience you will obtain making it a win for everyone.

We live in a fast-paced world where time is of the essence. Writing long paragraphs will turn your reader off!

Do not have at the top of your blog a notification that tells the reader how long the post is going to take to read.

#9 Editing And Proofreading

One of the best tips to getting your content correct is to read it out loud by doing this you can make sure it flows nicely.

A second tip is to leave the finished post for 20 minutes and then come back and re-read it. In doing this you will be more likely to find something that doesn’t gel so well.

You can also use Grammarly to check your sentence structure and punctuation.

This is something I use myself and it has improved my writing 10 fold.

The final tip do not be a perfectionist otherwise your writing will never get published!

My Final Thoughts

 Putting these 9 tips into practice will enhance your writing style and enable the reader to have an enjoyable read of your top quality conversational content.

I am one of those strange people that read every word written in a post!

I’m the exception, not the rule.

If you have any questions regarding blogging you can ask them below and I will be very happy to help you.

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