10 Motivational Quotes To Keep You Inspired While Working

Whether you work for an employer or not you need motivation at times to keep you going so here are 10 Motivational Quotes To Keep You Inspired While Working.

People who have never started a blog have no real concept of how difficult it can be to keep going In the beginning!

Reading motivational quotes helps you, me, and many others to keep grinding the mill.

The only difference you will observe with these Quotes is that they have been made personally on Canva just for you.

1st Motivational Quote 


This is one of my all-time favourite quotes because I’m a pretty stubborn and motivated person when it comes to not letting things get the better of me. I Never Quit! I will walk away for an hour and come back and keep trying until It gets done.

If I need motivation this is one of my Go-To Quotes.

2nd Motivational Quote


Having Dreams or Goals always help you to have success in business. If you want to earn $5,000 dollars a month you will think about the many ways you can achieve this and put a time limit on it.

If you miss it slightly you can reassess and readjust and hit it the next month!

The dreams you have don’t need to be about money either. I have wanted to parachute from an airplane for years and was pretty afraid as well as excited.

I realized this dream last year and it was totally awesome!

Family and friends were very shocked!

3rd Motivational Quote


This particular quote is a great one for people who are starting out with a blog. Google can take 6 months or more to trust your site so traffic from that source can be very slow going.

You will be diligently working away behind the scenes and then you will burst through with success!

 4th Motivational Quote


How many ways would you be proud of your achievements please let me know in the comments?

  • Have you lost weight?
  • Have you given up smoking?
  • Have you given up alcohol?
  • Are you making money online?
  • Have you fired Your Boss?

5th Motivational Quote


You are totally Awesome! always be yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others because you are on a different path.

6Th Motivational Quote


Are you technically challenged? Me too I bought a new mobile phone had to get my daughters to set it up for me. It was the same when trying to learn how to set up Pinterest and WordPress. I had to watch loads of videos.

That’s why a lot of the posts on this blog are how to’s I don’t want others to find it as difficult as I did to get set up.

Being successful was definitely a decision!

The biggest success came from Joining Wealthy Affiliate.

7th Motivational Quote


How many jobs have you had that you hated? Believing you can and making the belief come true is so doable.

I had a job I disliked intensely and slowly over a period of months I was able to cut my hours to the bare minimum working from home and do more and more on this blog and to incorporate a marketing strategy using Pinterest.

Tailwind has helped me to schedule the pins so I don’t spend hardly anytime on Pinterest now, it has been a massive time saver as well as tripling my followers, and driving huge amounts of traffic.

Have a free month on me!

8th Motivational Quote


What are you doing in your dreams? 

Are you successful? Are you doing your dream job or working for someone else? It is all up to you, no one else can do it for you!

9th Motivational Quote


This is the truest quote ever written for me.

Writing a blog is the best and most enjoyable way to spend the day!

I have never been a morning person however since starting to blog and learning affiliate marketing I have been leaping out of bed even on a Sunday totally excited to begin the day of writing and designing ahead.

My husband keeps asking where his wife has gone 🙂

10Th Motivational Quote


This is the truest quote ever been written!

There are truly nothing in life that are free. You have to work to get what you want from life

one way or another!

Not started a blog yet? here is everything you need in one place from start to finish.

Working on a blog is not easy But it is very rewarding the biggest reward is helping your readers to answer there questions.

If you need a step by step process of everything you need to get started then read this blogging guide.

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