Income Report for the 2nd month of blogging

Hey, and welcome back to our blog. Today’s topic is going to cover My 2nd Month Of Blogging Plus The Income Report. Blogging is a great way to earn an extra income in your spare time.

You can be a full-time blogger within 1 year or less if you put a mind to it. Blogging is not an easy game to master as there are many moving parts.

Lots to learn in the beginning and learning is a never-ending process.

If you have read the 1st month of blogging you will know that I also started a Pinterest business account at the same time as this blog.

I have been blogging for nearly a year now and this particular blog is less than 3 months old.

If you have not started your blog yet this post will put you on the right path. How To Get Started With Blogging.

This report will go through what I have been doing in month 2.

This post may contain Affiliate Links. That means if you click through and make a purchase I may receive a small commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Let’s dive in and see what has been happening:

Month 2 With A New Blog

Pinterest followers have grown in this second month from 471 to 656. I do actively follow 10-20 people a day.

Monthly Views have gone up from 11k to 14.7k

Site visitors went up from 587 to 723 on my old blog I didn’t even get to this amount.

Not massive growth but if I wasn’t using Pinterest then my figures would be in single digits as they were in my first blog only using SEO.

Blog Posts

In this second month of blogging, I have continued where I left off in month one. 

End of month one posts published between 06/12/2020 to 06/01/2021 (15)

End of the month two Posts published from 06/01/2021 to 06/02/2021 (15)

That is one post published every other day for a total of (30 posts)


Big Changes In Month 2

I Quit my job this month to become a full-time blogger.

This has enabled me to do more training inside Wealthy Affiliate which is where I have learned everything about blogging and affiliate marketing from scratch. Building this website, learning SEO techniques, Buying a domain name, learning how to become an  Affiliate Marketer and so much more to learn.

My goal was to be able to quit the day job within a year and I’m happy that, that has been successful.

Working From Home

I have been fortunate enough to have been working from home in the day job so no changes there.

Being a full-time blogger is not easy in the beginning as there is always so much to do.

My husband finishes working his part-time hours and I’m still beavering away in one way or another for at least another 8 hours. As the blog matures I won’t need to work as hard. Looking forward to that!

It’s difficult to work in our house because it’s all open plan. I sit at the dining room table on a wooden chair that is not ideal from a comfort point of view. Need to invest in a comfortable chair going forward.


Building A Resource Page

It has taken me 2 days to build a Resources Page but I got there in the end!

I didn’t realize I was an affiliate of so many different programs until I had to list them all on one page.

The importance of a resource page:

  1. Not so many pages with Affiliate Links better for Google rankings (wish I built this sooner)
  2. Easy to go to when you need a link and spreadsheets are foreign to you.
  3. Can be updated easily if you change affiliate programs

How My Work Days Went

Still taking my Granddaughter to and from school and working in between trips as well as looking after Mia when her mum is working.

The main reason I quit my job was that I just wasn’t getting enough done in the 13 hours that are available to me to write posts and not only that but I hated the job.

Even though this month the amount of posts written has not increased that was due to catching up on training and learning new ways to improve this blog.

Hoping in month 3 to be able to get more posts written.


Month 3 Goals

My goals for month 3 are as follows:

  • Pinterest followers to go up from 656 to 800
  • Monthly views to go from 14.7k to 20k
  • Site visitors to go from 723 people to 900 people
  • Blog posts that are written to be increased from 15 a month to 20 a month, should be do-able now I’m full-time.

Earnings For Month 2

In this month I managed to match month one and earned $15.00 from a Pinterest Course that I purchased and has an affiliate program I recommended it to a colleague because it has a strategy that I have not ever seen.

Working online is not all about people reading your blogs, It’s also about networking and making recommendations.

The bigger news is that I decided to sell my first blog as it was just sitting there no posts being written and no intention of writing any, how much did I get for it?

$380.00 not much for 8 months of work but better than nothing and it also gave me a bit of capital for this blog!

Bringing a total of $495.00 for month 2.

I know month 3 I won’t see that kind of money but blogging takes a fair amount of time to get off of the ground.

Being with Wealthy Affiliate I get the chance to go to Las Vegas all expenses paid if I can get 300 affiliate sign-ups in a year in order to achieve this I need to have 250 blog posts published Time to pick up the pace!

My Final Thoughts

Blogging in month two did not go according to the plans set out!

I was looking forward to getting more written. That did not happen due to lots of outside appointments but that’s life.

The goals for month Three are modest as I don’t like to be disappointed as that leads to discouragement.

I’m not a quitter but one can only take so much negativity!

Make sure you celebrate all of your wins no matter how small they are. Set easily attainable goals.

Because this is my second blog I can tell you that it can be tough going when you are not seeing much in the way of results.

This blog has grown so much faster for a couple of reasons:

  1. I’m not just relying on search engine optimization, I’m also harnessing the power of Pinterest for free traffic.
  2. Using Tailwind has boosted My Traffic.
  3. Buying Amy LeBlancs Pinterest course Scheduling Shortcuts has been an awesome experience in learning a new method of pinning whether manually or using a scheduler.
  4. Take a look at my New Resources Page and let me know in the comments what You Think about it?

I’m very pleased with the new page as a first attempt!

If you have learned anything from this post then please pin me!

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