Traffic and Funnels Review Can It Get You Leads and Sales?

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. Every business needs traffic and sales to survive. Can Traffic and Funnels provide it all for us?

Taylor Welch and Chris Evans charge up to 10 K for this course and are very hands-on in the sales call will that stay the same if you buy the program?

You are paying for the Traffic and Funnels Client Kit 2.0 to help you to create lead generation for your online business.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or affiliated with Traffic and Funnels. If you do go on to make a purchase I will not be compensated in any way.

This review is going to tell you the facts about this program and by the time you have finished reading, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Will it be worth your time and money? Let’s dive in and find out!

Traffic and Funnels Review Overview

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Product Name: Traffic and Funnels

Product Type: Lead Generation and Funnels Course

Product Owners: Taylor Welch and Chris Evans

Cost Of Purchase: Up to $10K

Is It Recommended: Yes and No.

This is not recommended for you if you do not have an existing business that needs to be scaled.

Totally not suitable for complete beginners with no knowledge of how a business works online.

There is more than 1 business inside of this offer and they have to be paid for separately.

Another factor to include is paying money out on ads.

As a business model, this is super expensive and there are alternatives around for a fraction of what this costs that can teach you a lot more!

My number 1 recommendation is super valuable for beginners.

About The Creators Of Traffic and Funnels

Taylor Welch and Chris Evans are the creators of Traffic and Funnels.

Before parting with a single cent on any business you should carry out your due diligence and find out about the creators.

Note: It is a huge red flag if no creator is known and also if you have a name but cannot find out any information.

In this case, stay away from the offer.

Taylor Welch:

Taylor has a linked In Profile as well as an Instagram account with 324 posts and a following of 125 k.

Traffic and Funnels Review-Taylor Welch _ LinkedIn

Taylor lives in Tennessee and he has a fair amount of experience within the online advertising industry and internet marketing.

He studied marketing at the University of Memphis.

Apart from those nuggets, not a lot else is known about him even on their website there isn’t an about page!

Chris Evans:

Chris has a linked In account and that is all I can find for social media.

Traffic and Funnels Review-Chris Evans _ LinkedIn

Chris was born in North Carolina and relocated to California in 2012. 

He gained a lot of knowledge about working online by being an employee of GoDaddy for 3 years providing such things as domain names and hosting services.

Chris teamed up with Taylor in 2015 and Traffic and Funnels was born.

What Are Traffic and Funnels?

Traffic and Funnels is a lead creation business that helps online business owners to scale their existing businesses.

The main focus that Chris and Taylor concentrate on is selling only 1 high ticket item in any funnel.

During my training, I was taught that it is better to have more than 1 item in your basket but that isn’t how these creators see it!

The beauty of a high ticket funnel is that you don’t need many sales each month to make a full-time income.

If you are an affiliate marketer it may be possible to use this training to make more money in your business.

What Do You Get With Traffic and Funnels?

Upon visiting the Traffic and Funnels website you will be met with various different offers at varying prices.

CTraffic and Funnels Review- News Feed Authority

News Feed Authority

The course is priced at $197 a one-off payment. This teaches more about the organic methods of client acquisition. 

There are 3 modules to this:

  • Module 1: Non-paid client acquisition
  • Module 2: Finding your dream clients
  • Module 3: Implementation roadmap

+ 3 bonuses, strategy training, 8-figure organic swipe file, 10 organic post templates for you.

Traffic and Funnels Review- The Consultant Next Door

The Consultant Next Door: This book is $19.99 and is full of valuable tips on marketing, niches, what to say to clients on the phone and more!

Traffic and Funnels Review- The Outcome Planner

The Outcome Planner: No price is indicated for this planner pack. There are 3 videos to show you how to plan your days down to every hour.

Also includes cheat sheets.

Traffic and Funnels Review-iOs Ad Lab

iOS Ad Lab: one-off payment of $197. 3 modules and 1 bonus.

  • Module 1: Facebook ads and API conversion hack
  • Module 2: Ad copy for Facebook ads
  • Module 3: How to get clients Training.

Bonus: Advertising swipe files.

Traffic and Funnels Review-Packaging Blueprint

The Packaging Blueprint is $197. There are 4 modules and 3 bonuses.

  • Module 1: How to Achieve CLARITY and FOCUS In Your Marketing.
  • Module 2: How to remedy clients painful problems.
  • Module 3: How to structure a high ticket package.
  • Module 4: Phone closing script for more sales.

Bonuses: how to market to the masses, Interview with Jay Abraham, Sphere of influence strategy high ticket package.

The Client Kit Workshop: this is the flagship program and consists of a 10-week training course to help you to grow your business to 6 figures.

There are 5 modules:

  • Module 1: This is the high ticket offer that you sell for 3-5 K.
  • Module 2: Learn how to run paid traffic campaigns.
  • Module 3: Setting up automated systems.
  • Module 4: Learning how to get your clients to pay out 15k.

Weekly coaching calls, access to a community to get questions answered, and a review of your work from the experts.

To be eligible for this course you have to book a phone call. That is where you will find out just how much this costs!

The Cost Of Traffic and Funnels

The only true way to find out the cost is to get on a coaching call.

However, I have spoken to a student who went through the call and reported back that the cost was 10K for the course alone.

You also have to factor in other costs for running ads and software that you may also need.

Start for free with my number 1 recommendation

Is Traffic and Funnels A Scam?

No. Traffic and Funnels is not a scam. You will get everything that you have paid for.

Just because it is not a scam does not mean it will definitely work for you.

You can find quite a few reviews about this if you care to search for them.

Trustpilot has some very mixed opinions about Client Kit 2.0.

The vast majority of complaints don’t seem to be about the program they are more concentrated on the tactics of the sales call.

There are a few that say the training is outdated and uses tactics from many years ago.

Some people think it is a great program!

Traffic and Funnels Review Pros and Cons

What I Like About Traffic and Funnels The Pros

  1. There is quite a bit of quality training that covers many aspects of funnel and lead generation that can be used to grow an existing business.
  2. An active community to communicate with and find out how others are doing who are further along than you.
  3. The courses have been created by 2 people who have seen success with making money online using digital marketing
  4. Learning how to use and make funnels is a great thing for scaling up.

What I Don’t Like About Traffic and Funnels The Cons

  1. The cost at a minimum of $9,800 is a huge amount to payout. That price will put many people off.
  2. After looking at the complaints most users said they felt the sales call was pushy and they felt that they couldn’t say no even though they wanted to.
  3. Some said they asked for a refund and did not get it.
  4. Not suitable for you if you don’t already have an online business that you wish to grow. You cannot use this with no experience.

A Better Way

Not already having your own business will mean this will not work for you at all.

You can build your own online business step by step by taking training to learn affiliate marketing.

This model is user-friendly and ideal for total beginners.

No paying out money on ads and going through the steep learning curve of trying to get them right.

Making money promoting other people products, no stock to buy, no complaints, no refunds. Just passive income that pays you while you sleep.

Learn How To Make Real Money Online Today!

There are no separate courses to purchase everything is included in the premium membership.

If you want extra training classes then join the premium + membership.

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