Postal Jobs Source Review Bad Site That Will Rob Your Cash?

Hello and a very warm welcome back. Today we are going to do a review of The Postal Jobs Source, Is it a legitimate site or a scam one that will take your cash?

Trying to find a job anywhere in the world right now is a very difficult and time-consuming job at the moment with the Pandemic still continuing.

Job sites are springing up online on a weekly basis and that is not surprising to be fair, it has to be the easiest way of finding a job today and saving a lot of running around.

I just find these sites that take advantage of people when they are desperate to be abhorrent. That is why I save you time by doing reviews for you.

What will we find out about the Postal Jobs Source? Is it good or bad?

Just before we dive in I wish to say a big well done for carrying out your research you can’t be too careful these days can you!

*Disclaimer, I am not associated or affiliated with the Postal Jobs Source, The information I am going to share with you has been researched online and anyone looking for it will find the same information.

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Let’s get started:


Company Name: Postal Job Source


Product Type: Job Posting Website and Training

Price To Get Started: $48. One time payment

How Long Has This Site Been Around? At a minimum since 2018

Who Would I recommend this to? The answer will be revealed at the end!

What Is Postal Job source Offering?

This website is offering to help you to get a job with the United States Postal Service (USPS) at first sight of the website you will see a very well-presented site.

It is laid out and formatted quite professionally. Good start!

Generally, when applying for a job with the USPS you would be required to sit an exam to assess your eligibility.

With the postal job source, they say you will receive full training to achieve this goal. Great!


As you can see from this image it is claiming to be a part of the BBB and they are an A+ rated company but the Better Business Bureau’s seal does not look anything like this one. (red flag)

Certified Postal Hiring Review 2021, Who exactly have they been certified by? There’s no mention of that information available.

Let’s continue on.

The Website

I have put one website at the top of this review but after several more searches, I found another 8 websites for this company.

Here are just a few of them:


Why would you need so many different websites? and they are all websites the only difference is with some of the images, these are not just domain redirects as one would expect for .org, .net, and .com domains. Getting stranger!

Would a postal service employer have so many domain names? I don’t think so!

Money-Back Guarantee

There is a claim on the site that if you pay the fee of $48 and you don’t get a job through the site in 90 days, then they will give you double your money back so $96. (sounds attractive)


If this guarantee is true then you can understand why people are paying the money to the Postal Jobs Source site. However, it is very easy to get hold of that seal.

Further Research Carried Out

After doing a bit more research several things came to light that was not so positive in nature!

1. The company will provide you with Sample exam questions and Answers! Say what?


It is conceivable that they have sent people along for a job before and that those people have given a list of questions that they were asked in the exam.

But They also go on to say that you will get priority placement and that is a little worrying. How can they do that?

2. To apply for a job directly with the US Postal Service is obviously free so why is this site charging you $48?

3. Their website gives you the impression that they are accredited by The BBB, If you go onto the Better Business Bureau website you will find something else entirely:


This warning from the BBB and a similar one from the FTC warn against paying sites regarding postal jobs and say that everything should be free.

In the disclaimer at the bottom of the Postal Jobs Source page, you can see in the image below where they refer to being a part of Labor Services.

4. At the very bottom of the postal jobs source website is a disclaimer that is very badly worded and grammatically incorrect and inside it says that they are a private company.


As you can see in the disclaimer they are not associated with the USPS. There’s a strong possibility that they cannot help you to get a job at all.

Who Is The Founder Of Postal Jobs Source?

With all of the websites listed, you would imagine it would be very easy to find the name of the founder/owner of this company? Or am I asking for too much here?

I found these 2 other sites:


Neither of these sites gives any name at all, in fact, all that is provided is an address within the contact us section.

The address is a UPS store in Jacksonville, Florida. But the UPS has nothing to do with the USPS. It is a private courier service similar to DHL, and FED X. 

The second address on the site is in Leneka, KS and this is actually a debt collection company called Kansas Counselors. Are they trying to tell us something:-) (red flag)

For a company that is supposedly associated with the government, you would have thought they would have a legitimate address?

Payments To Postal Jobs Source

The payments are being made directly to the site. They don’t go through a trusted provider like Paypal or site stripe for instance.

It is so much safer when paying by these methods at least you know that you have got a chance of getting your money back.

Another question that begs an answer is on the application form to register it asks you which country you live in? The jobs are for the United States Postal Service.

This suggests to me that this is not legitimate and makes for more victims to be conned.


I found all of the information to be very misleading and therefore, for me there weren’t any Pros at all.


  • You are required to pay for something that should be free
  • The registration package is not what it appears to be and is not worth $48
  • The website leads you to believe they are accredited with the BBB and that is totally false
  • FTC warnings about this sort of site
  • No name for founder/owner
  • False office addresses
  • No secure way to pay the fee
  • Sharing questions that are asked in the exam will only help you with knowledge and won’t help you to get the job based on aptitude which the test also requires you to pass on.
  • There are no positive reviews about Postal Jobs Source even though it has been around for nearly 3 years. This suggests they have not gotten anybody a job with the USPS
  • The website also claims there are many jobs available and yet the FTC says that there are never very many jobs available at any given time. 

All red flags.

Would I Recommend Postal Jobs Source?

faced with all of the inconsistency and lies No I would not recommend applying to this site for a job posting!

In my opinion, this site is a scam just out to take your money!

There is no way you should give them any of your private information and certainly not your credit card details.

 You have no idea if that information is safe!

My job is to provide you with the information if you wish to join this opportunity that is totally your decision.

The information this website provides with statements like earning $56,700 is there for two simple reasons to get you to part with your cash as well as making it sound like working online is easy to do.


As somebody who does work online, I can tell you that it takes hard work, consistency, and dedication to achieve success.

How I Work Full-Time Online

I work full-time as an Affiliate Marketer, I don’t have any special skills, I didn’t go to college and I’m not brilliant with computers But to be honest, you don’t need to be.

I’m 52 years old just a normal mother and grandmother, what you do need, however, is a training platform and that’s what I found after many years of searching.

This program has been around for 17 years, has over 1 million members, and will teach you how to build your own online business step by step.

It does take hard work so if you are seeking a get-rich-quick scheme then please don’t apply as this is not for you!

Other things this opportunity is not:

A scam

A Pyramid scheme

A Ponzi scheme


This is free to join ( no credit card needed)

Want to learn more about it read this review.

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