ParaMountZ Review Will This Convert Offers As They Say?

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back to this review page. Today we are going to be doing a review of a new software called ParaMountZ.

This is a new release from the Mosh Bari Stable.

How often have you bought a new system that has said it has free traffic sources only to find out they mean a ton of social media sharing buttons?

I bet the answer is lots of times. It only happened to me twice and then I learned not to do it again.

Learning how to drive traffic to our offers is a must if we want to make a living online! The problem is it is not as easy as it sounds.

The software for review today has been billed as one of the best at converting offers around.

Congratulations on spending time to see if it is worth your time and money. Doing that regularly will stop you from being scammed.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with ParaMountZ or any other programs from these vendors. If you go on to buy it I will not be compensated in any way.

I know there is a program that works and it is my number 1 recommendation.

I and many thousands of others went through this training to become full-time affiliate marketers.

Let’s dive in and find out the details of this new software:

ParaMountZ Review Overview

Program Name: ParaMountZ

Program Type: Affiliate Marketing Software

Founder: Mosh Bari

Cost Of Purchase: Frontend cost $17 + 10 Upsells

Who Is It Recommended For? Not recommended for anybody. Read on to find out why in the cons section.


This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click through and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

None of the links is in any way related to ParaMountZ.

The Features Of ParaMountZ

There is 24/7 support available.

60-second Quick Setup Guide.

You will get instant approval for affiliate programs.

Access to a video that lets you see the creator make $798 in under an hour.

Traffic generation software that allows you to send the landing pages to social media sites.

How ParaMountZ Works

Yes, you guessed it. Only 3 steps are necessary!

Purchase and login, copy and paste the affiliate links, send them off to social media!

What Do You Get For Your Money?

A selection of affiliate programs from Warrior Plus, JVZoo and Clickbank.

The page builder to design your own templates.

Paramountz Page builder templates

100 Social Media sharing buttons to choose from.

Paramountz Review Social Sharing Buttons

Facebook Comment Bot and Facebook poster.

Instagram Poster and Instagram Comment bot.

Paramountz Review Instagram Poster

Subscriber manager.

Sms sending capability at an extra price.

Build a basic e-commerce store.

Paramountz Review Build Your Own E Commerce Store

Traffic analysis capabilities.

Website comparison tool.

The Frontend and The Upsells

The Front End is $17 but there is a $5 discount available and the 10 upsells.

ParaMountZ Upsell 1 Is Called Limitless and costs $39.00 The Down-sell is $19.50

ParaMountZ Upsell 2 The Lazy Rich costs $97.00 The DS Is $48.50

ParaMountZ Upsell 3 Autonomous Luxury Edition Is $39.00 The DS $19.50

ParaMountZ Upsell 4 Jericho Super Blaster Is another $39.00 The DS is $19.50

ParaMountZ Upsell 5
Robot Is set at $67.00 the DS $33.50

ParaMountZ Upsell 6 Buyer Traffic Store costs $37.00 The DS $18.50

ParaMountZ Upsell 7 Traffic Masterclass costs another $39.00 DS $19.50

ParaMountZ Upsell 8 Make 3K A Day is $39.00 DS $19.50

ParaMountZ Upsell 9 Done For You Franchise costs $39.00 DS $19.50

ParaMountZ Upsell 10 Maxima is another $39.00 DS $19.50

The Pros Of ParaMountZ

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee ( it may not be honoured)

The Cons Of ParaMountZ

The first thing you will notice if you have bought any software from Billy Darr is they are using the same dashboard for each one. Just changing the colours.

This one is no exception! You can see on the tutorials page that the videos are about the Viper system which is another one of their products:

Paramountz Review Tutorials 2

On the latest deals page, there is no information on the products. How can you promote something you know nothing about?

Looking at the products sales page is not going to answer questions regarding the quality or give you info about customer satisfaction.

To make this work you have to have a Facebook account.

You are better off using a page builder from your autoresponder service like Aweber than using this one in ParaMountZ.

There is a Facebook comment bot that you can use to say Hello and other simple messages. Unless you have 1,000’s of followers it is a redundant function.

Sms/Email function you have no way of knowing if it is secure. I would not trust my referrals emails here.

Sending out Sms messages is a costly thing to do. Just remember they are not free.

If you seriously want to build an e-commerce store and have it looking professional then don’t use this basic one that comes with this software. Doesn’t look at all professional!

The website analysis tool does not work!

A great many of the supplied tools are not suitable for beginners. They have been put there to make the software look like it is worth the asking price.

The biggest selling point of ParamountZ is described in the image below:


The traffic source is social media sites. None of this is 1 click!

If you do not have any followers on social media then no one is going to visit the product you are promoting and that means no sales!

Some of them you could not share with either like Clubhouse and Amazon.

This is a low cost supposedly ” new solution ” that is practically worthless unless you wish to learn how to spam people!

Is ParaMountZ A Scam?

In my opinion, this is a totally useless tool/software and yes I think it is a scam!

Who really wants to learn how to spam people on Facebook?

I have over 4,000 followers and there is no way I would send out anything from this tool.

This is aimed at complete newbies who have no clue about the etiquette of working online.

The only people who will make any money from this is the creator and his team!

Do I recommend this to my readers? No Way. My advice is to stay well away from it.

Even if you had a massive following on social media I’m not sure you could make a long term profit from this.

Especially as some of the features don’t work!

Are you reading this review because you are looking for a business opportunity to work online from home?

If your answer is yes then read on a little further!

Paramountz Review-wealthy-affiliate

How I Work Full-Time Online From Home

For many years I searched for a legitimate way to make money online. I knew it was possible and I just had to find it!

The search actually took me 6 long years and I got into some terrible programs in that time and spent absolutely thousands of dollars.

Last year I finally found exactly what I was looking for!

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and as soon as I joined I felt completely at home.

I didn’t need any special skills as full training is given, what did I have to lose.

Suitable for beginners and experienced marketers.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review. Including the pros and cons.

The Reasons I Chose Affiliate Marketing

 I work In the world of Affiliate Marketing. There are many positive reasons for this:

  • You can start a limited trial of the platform (with my #1 recommended program) Then upgrade to the premium membership if you can see the value of using this amazingly successful training.
  • There are no expensive tools or software to pay for
  • You can work on this a couple of hours a day in your spare time
  • You don’t need to make your own products
  • You will learn  all about SEO which is the organic and sustainable way of driving free traffic to your site
  • No need to recruit others to join
  • You don’t need to be concerned with customer support
  • No special skills are needed (which is good because I don’t have any 🙂
  • You can still earn from whatever you are writing today for many years to come, a truly passive income
  • No need to pay out for ads unlike the program we have just reviewed.
  • Everything you need all in one place.

I Quit My Job!

After starting with this training program 14 months ago and learning all I needed to know for a fraction of the money that some courses are charging I quit my hated day job at the 10-month mark.

Affiliate Marketing is a simple business model that just takes a lot of work to get started in the beginning because you are getting traffic organically instead of paying for it.

Now I spend my days writing reviews to stop innocent people like yourself from being scammed like I was!

(If you want to make your new business work better upgrade to the premium membership for $49 a month or $1.63 a day that’s less than a Starbucks costs!)

Thanks for supporting me to the end of this post I appreciate your time.

Have a question for me then please leave it in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

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Lisa. Founder and CEO of

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