My review Of Carly Campbell’s Pinteresting Strategies Course

Hello and a very warm welcome back. Today I am going to give you my opinion of a Pinterest course I purchased It’s by Carly Campbell and it’s called Pinteresting Strategies.

The reason I decided to purchase this course was that I was new to not only Pinterest but blogging as well.

After watching countless Youtube videos and reading hundreds of blog posts about how to use Pinterest and how to increase traffic to my blog I was seriously fed up as none of it was working.

Some advice said join group boards but that is not all that easy, so you go through the arduous process of applying to the board only to get ignored.

I was really confused and frustrated!

Many of the blog posts I had read all recommended Pinteresting Strategies as the best course to improve traffic through manual pinning.

So I found a post with a link in it to Carly’s course and away I went!

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Let’s dive in and see if this course is worth the money:

About Carly Campbell The Course Founder

Carly is a stay at home Mum/Mom, she got started with blogging back in 2016. 

Her Pinterest account and blog are called mommy on purpose, she has 54.2k followers and gets 9.6 million monthly views on Pinterest.

Having seen some of her income reports I know that she earns over 6 figures a year.

Carly documented her blogging journey and how she utilized Pinterest to drive traffic and she put it all together in this step by step course aptly named Pinteresting Strategies.

Before purchasing the course I carried out some research and those are the impressive stats that I found. 🙂


What Do You Get With Pinteresting Strategies?

Carly’s course Pinteresting Strategies covers a lot of ground on setting up Pinterest accounts properly. Making sure that your boards and pins are keyworded properly.

  And to be honest it is extremely useful, not just stuffed with fluff that you can read everywhere else. 

The course actually started out in life as an ebook, but she then converted it over to a course format so that she could keep it up to date. Which Carly does regularly.

 This is so awesome because Pinterest is always changing the algorithm.

 This is what she covers in the course:

  • Traffic and its importance to your blog posts
  • Setting up your Pinterest profile for success using Keywords
  • Understanding people and how Pinterest is all about the people using it
  • The importance of Pinterest SEO
  • Group Boards and their purpose
  • Carly’s pinning strategy (which is mostly manual pinning) – this is what I found to be the most helpful!

Carly is right on target when she talks about what really matters with Pinterest. 

 We all get obsessed with the number of impressions and saves we receive.  And those do matter to a certain extent.

But, what really matters the most is driving traffic to our blog posts. 

If we don’t get traffic to our blogs, then our affiliate links don’t get clicked and we won’t earn any money or get any email signups!

The main strategy Carly uses is manual pinning and that has accounted for the brilliant numbers I quoted previously.

You may have to watch it a few times to understand it, I found it a little overwhelming the first time!

Carly Campbell's Pinteresting Strategies Review

How Much Does The Course Cost?

It is a very small price to pay @$57. (now $97) it was a total no-brainer for me and I got to it straight away.

I had seen some courses ranging from $197 up to over $500, so at $97 this was really cheap.

The price initially made me a bit sceptical of the quality but I need not have worried. It is a very comprehensive course that improved my views and click-throughs within 4-6 weeks.

I went from 1 or 2 link clicks a day to one day having double figures and for a brand new blog that is awesome.

 My first lot of comments came after this course was completed and that felt like Christmas had come!

Then in month 2, I got my first Affiliate Sale. Yay!

Now my traffic to my blog has tripled.

The Pros Of Pinteresting Strategies

  • Carly places a lot of focus on the Pinterest platform, how it works and most importantly on the ever-changing algorithm.
  • She also explains how people use the platform to find information and make purchases
  • The course gets updated regularly, in-fact I had an email yesterday saying it was being updated this week. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s new because Carly started a new Pinterest account and she will be sharing the results with us.
  • Another great thing is the way the course is taught. If you are a visual person there are step by step videos and if you like reading that option is also available.
  • The steps are explained in a very in-depth way covering every detail of Pinterest boards, pins, keywords and pinning.

The Cons Of Pinteresting Strategies

The only not so good thing for me was there was no way of keeping track of the pinning.

Carly said she just didn’t do that.

I found that to be very confusing and it took me a few attempts at watching the videos to get the proper gist of it.

UPDATE: This course now has new material, Including a spreadsheet for pin tracking as well as other new bonuses. The course now costs $97.

I have always thought the course should cost a lot more than the original $57.

My Final Thoughts

Overall the course is well worth the $57 (new price $97) and in my opinion, Carly could charge a lot more for it!

She says she doesn’t because she wants everybody to be able to afford it which is great for us new bloggers who don’t have much cash available.


By purchasing Pinteresting Strategies you will learn so much about Pinterest that other courses just don’t teach! I know because I have bought other courses.

Understanding how Pinterest works is not an easy task. In fact, at the start, my account got suspended because I didn’t know what I was doing.

Not only does the course cover the pinning strategy and about the platform but she also explains a lot about the pins themselves and she gives you some free pin templates!

As a not very creative person, my pins, in the beginning, weren’t very good at all.

After taking this course they have improved by leaps and bounds and get so many more clicks!

For the majority of bloggers, about 50-70 % of their traffic comes from Pinterest and the rest comes from the search engines in the form of SEO.

We all need to learn about search engine optimization at some point and I have written a blog post detailing the most important points for you.

While it is important to learn one social media platform at a time until you are getting steady traffic from it, you should always have another string to your bow.

Thank you for supporting me to the end of this post, I appreciate your time.

If you have a question please leave it in the comments below and I will be happy to answer it for you.

Did you get value from this post? if you did I would be very happy if you shared it. Thanks.

Lisa. Founder and CEO of

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8 thoughts on “My review Of Carly Campbell’s Pinteresting Strategies Course”

  1. Wahoo, When it comes to generating blog traffic Pinterest is one of those easy ways a beginner should use. There are few courses addressing this powerful strategy and finding a good course as cheap as $57 is a great one. I just took a look at the landing page via your link and I can see a lot of good stuffs like covering the SEO of Pinterest, how to create pins that get clicks and lots more. I will signup for this, thank you for this review

  2. In my book, Pinterest is a visual search engine. I am a very visual person so I find this way of presenting search results very interesting. I also like that this has a very affordable price tag. I would like to check it out after readin your post. As you have explained, it’s a no brainer.

    • This is a brilliant course if you need help with Pinterest marketing. it brings in tons of traffic.

  3. All of us bloggers deal with the frustration of getting no traffic, even after a year or more of blogging and setting up our websites. 

    I think you have a great resource in Carly Campbell’s Pinteresting Strategies Course. I too need to do a short course of this sort to start driving some real traffic to my website and blogs. I will surely give it a look-see. 

    thanks and regards,


  4. So many bloggers focus on Facebook and Instagram. I did too at first, I have a Pinterest account but it was primarily for my own personal use. I didn’t pay attention to my numbers or followers until i got a message that said one of pins had 14 K repins and I was stunned. Now, I make sure that all my articles are posted on Pinterest. it’s such an underutilized form of marketing.

    • That is so true my friend. I didn’t use Pinterest with my first blog and the traffic build-up was so slow. Now with this second blog, my main focus is Pinterest and my traffic has grown a ton faster.


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