Have You Seen Miles Beckler’s Free Courses Are They Worth Your Time?

Hello and a very warm welcome back. Today we are going to check out a Youtuber called Miles Beckler. He has a couple of courses and we will see if they are worth our time?

Miles Beckler has been around online since 2003 and he went full time back in 2010. There are videos on his channel that go back 5 years and he has 178k subscribers.

The videos mainly cover the topic of Internet Marketing. 

I have written lots of reviews on various people and they all seem to have one thing in common they are either scams or their methods of teaching leave a lot to be desired.

Here’s hoping this guy is different and his courses are worth our time. It will definitely be a very welcome change.

His courses are Free and that sounds good, but, that is not always the way because when everything is free people don’t want to put in the work that’s required to succeed.

*Disclaimer. I’m not associated or affiliated with Miles Beckler or his courses in any way.

After doing some research and checking out quite a few of his videos I can confidently say he is not a scam, he is in fact one of the good guys!

Miles Beckler’s Courses


Miles along with his wife have 2 courses which are both free:

  • The first one is called 7 Figure Business Blueprint
  • The second one is called WordPress 101

We are just going to dive in and see what these programs will teach us.

The 7 Figure Business Blueprint

7 Figure Business Blueprint first started out as a simple ebook and then overtime was made into this course.

This training is quite well put together and it has 7 levels that cover everything from niche selection, how to get started with blogging, email collection and how to use Facebook ads for promotional purposes.

The content definitely covered the basics of running a business online. 

for me, they lacked the information required to take action in a big way.

Step 1 is called Know Yourself: This is where you find out where you are most suited to be either on video or writing a blog.

Step 2 is called Who Can You Help: This is aimed at knowing who your audience is and how you can help them.

Step 3 is called Two Irresistible Offers: Teaching you about free offers, paid offers on a thank you page and making money from your list.

Step 4 is called Your Core Webpages: More training on how to create a sales funnel with free and paid methods.

Step 5 is called Split Testing: Learning how to split test landing pages.

Step 6 is called FaceBook PPC: paying for conversions through FaceBook PPC ads.

Step 7 is called Content Marketing: email and social media marketing a little about both subjects.

WordPress 101

This course has been designed to be used with the 7 figure blueprint and it contains 32 free tutorials on how to set up WordPress, including posts, pages, blogging in general, and optimization.

If you know absolutely nothing because you are a complete novice you will learn a fair amount, However, if you have been blogging for a while then they will lack any real substance for you.

The second course is easier to navigate than the first because this course is not locked and you can skip onto the next section quickly.

I Would Rate both Of The Courses 4 out of 5 stars.

They also have a paid course:

Content and Conversion

Content and Conversion is a paid members site it costs $97 a month for the membership and you get mentorship from Miles Beckler.

Unfortunately, it is closed for applicants at this time but, there is a waiting list that you can join.

Even though 2 of their courses are free they do have a million-dollar business through their websites where the main money comes from Affiliate Marketing.

Million Dollar Websites

That’s the 2 free courses and the 1 paid course covered. I actually really gelled with their story because I struggled online for a year or so!

Miles and his wife worked for many years online before they became truly successful.

Now though they have a few million dollar websites. The main one is called Ask Angels and it’s a meditation website run by Melanie Beckler.

What Miles Recommends On His Website


There are 12 products and services Miles recommends:

#1 SEO and Blogging Tools:

  • How to use keyword services
  • Seo courses you can take to gain traffic
  • Places where you can hire writers
  • More advanced hosting services

Some of these products and services can cost a couple of thousand dollars that Miles is promoting. I can’t say if they are good or not because I have never taken any of them.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

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#2 Affiliate Marketing:

Miles recommends 5 Affiliate Marketing Programs.

  • Authority Site System I have reviewed this here: It is a good program but pretty expensive.
  • Five Figure Niche Site (same for this one good but high ticket)
  • Solo Build It (Not that great have seen better courses)
  • Digital strategy Crash Course (Never heard of this course)
  • Human proof designs ( Great but expensive)

I’m shocked that wealthy Affiliate is not on his list he could be making a real killing with it! Maybe it is because it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as the others.

#3 Copywriting Training:

  • How to become a copywriter
  • Recommendations on funnel scripts to help you to create sales pages

#4 Sales Funnel Software

Here in this section Miles recommends 7 different programs that range from landing page generators (for making 1-page websites) to autoresponder programs like Aweber. There is also a Facebook ads course.

The recommendations mentioned in this section all have a separate cost.

#5 Email Marketing Tools

You have the choice of 5 different email responders in this part. To be honest I haven’t heard of any of them. I personally use Aweber.

#6 Keyword Content and Marketing Tools:


There are 5 recommendations that Miles promotes that help you find keywords for blogging and creating content as well as freelance writing services.

#7 Shopping Cart Options:

 6 program recommendations for setting up shopping carts for your website to do upsells and promotions on. 2 of them are:

Clickfunnels (I don’t recommend this) and Samcart ( which is marginally better)

#8 Create and Sell Online Courses:

In this part, there are 3 program recommendations that are all about helping you to build an online course and the tools needed to sell them.

#9 Website Legal Documents:

 2 recommendations here, 1 which Miles promotes and 1 which he sells as his own product for $147. This is basically a template that you get for making legal documentation for your websites. 

  • GDPR compliance page.
  • Affiliate disclosure page.
  • Privacy Policy.

You get all of these pages done for you for free with Wealthy Affiliate.

#10 Free Online Marketing Courses:

All about Miles free courses which I covered above.

#11 Outsourcing Choices:

 Miles recommends 5 sites for getting writers, including Upwork, Fiverr and 3 others. I don’t think I would personally use any of them.

#12 Social Media Marketing Tools:

5 recommendations for social media marketing including Pinterest, Instagram, and FB ads.

Do I recommend Miles Beckler’s Courses?

Yes, I do recommend them to a certain extent. They are not scam programs, however, they are very expensive and there are so many other much cheaper courses around.


How I Work Full-Time Online

I write a blog and do Affiliate marketing for the following reasons:

You can start for free (with my #1 recommended program)

(If you want to make your new business work upgrade to the premium membership for $49 a month or $1.63 a day less than a Starbucks costs!)

There are no expensive tools or software to pay for

You can work on this a couple of hours a day in your spare time

You don’t need to make your own products

You will learn all about SEO which is the organic and sustainable way of driving traffic to your site

No need to recruit others

You don’t need to be concerned with customer support

No Skills needed

You can still earn from whatever you are writing today for many years to come, a truly passive income

No need to pay out for ads unlike with dropshipping and other courses around

There are no upsells

After starting with this training program and learning all I needed to know for a fraction of the money that other courses are charging I quit my dreaded day job at the 10-month mark.

Affiliate Marketing is a simple business model that just takes a lot of work to get started at the beginning.

This is not for you if you don’t want to work hard!

If you love to write and help others then this is definitely for you!

Thank you very much for supporting me to the finish line of this post.

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