Brank review Is It A Scam Or A Great Working Business Opp

Hello and a very warm welcome back to today’s review. What we will be covering today Is Brank A Scam Or A Great Woking Business Opportunity?

What exactly is Brank? Is it A Ponzi Scheme? Is it an MLM company? Is it a trading platform?

Brank is an investment scheme that prays on people that want to learn about trading and investing.

An MLM of this type usually has a lot of hype surrounding it and this one is no exception. It promises a passive income for little work and a very high return on your small investment.

The fact that you are here reading this makes you a very intelligent individual.

 Researching before splashing the cash is a must in this day of scam companies.

I applaud you for your initiative!

One fact to make clear from the get-go is that I have no involvement in this company.

This post is not intended to sell you anything, It’s just a review to see if this company is worth your time and money.

The post may contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through one of the links then it is possible for me to earn a commission. 

The price you pay will not be affected. 

P.s. I only recommend services and products that I actively use.

Product Name: Brank.

Owner: Daniel Noorhamed 

Company Registered: the company was registered in the UK 17/09/19

The Domain name of was registered separately on 02/08/2020 (privately) place unknown

Product Type: MLM Gaming Platform with Ad Credits or Ponzi Scheme


Price To Join: $6.50 minimum investment up to $6,500

The Company Website

Not really a lot of information to be found on the company website about anything.

Could not find any company owner listed which is a very disturbing fact. 

Normally they are shouting it from the rooftops that they are the owner.

Had to do further research on the web to eventually find the owner’s name which is Daniel Noorhamed. That info came from Linkedin.

 Couldn’t find any experience that he has for running this type of company or any other business for that matter!

He does have a Linkedin profile that states he is a computer programmer.

Back in December of 2020 Branks Linkedin profile said the other owners were Nicholas Antel, Chris Hawk Jones, Alan Friedland, and Ari Maccabi.

Last year in April 2020 Alan Friedland was sued by the CFTC. This was for running 2 companies called Compcoin and Fintech Investment group they were supposed to be trading bot companies but were really Ponzi schemes.

Friedland is accused of stealing $1.6 million from the investors of the 2 companies. The case continues.


What Kind Of Company Is Brank?

Brank is an MLM (multilevel marketing company) that offers you a gaming platform and an ad credit service that you can participate in once you become a paying member and also earn a promised return on investment in credits that you can withdraw at a later time.

What Product Or Service Does Brank Supply?

There appear to be no actual products or services that I could find. Not a standard MLM company.

So how do you make money?

You invest in the compensation plan and then you get paid out from it supposedly.

With this program, you are given access to the gaming section where you can enter into tournaments to win cryptocurrencies called Ethereum back when you have purchased game tokens.

Ethreum is actually a legal cryptocurrency.

How Does Brank Work?

The way it works is you invest money into tokens at $1.30 each and the more people that join the more the tokens increase in value.

Unfortunately, the program itself is in control of the token’s value and that’s where it all seems to go wrong.

The investors can withdraw the funds at any point they wish.


The Compensation Plan

How to earn with the compensation plan?

  1. Through Referral Commissions
  2. Return on investment profit commissions
  3. Through gaming credits used as commissions

You cannot earn anything if you stay as a free member. The ROI only works if you make a purchase between $6.50 and $6,500.

The company claims that the more tokens you buy the higher return on your investment there will be.

Unilevel Referral Commissions

The referral commissions that are paid out to you come in the form of a multi-tiered commission model.

You are automatically placed at the top level and anyone else you recruit become your level 1, those they recruit become your level 2, and so on until level 7 is reached

How this works:

  • The unilevel method has different levels and the first levels will only have your personally recruited members in it.
  • The second level will only have the team levels that your level 1 members have personally recruited in it.
  • The third level will only have those team members that your level 2 members have personally recruited in it.

This process continues for a total of 7 levels.

The payments are paid out to you using the percentage formula and they are based on the investment value of the tokens that your personal downline team members buy.

An overview of how that works:

  • 0 to 249 Token Level – When you have that amount of tokens in your wallet, you qualify to earn 1% on your level 1, 0.5% on your levels 2 and 3, and 0.2% on your levels 4 through to level 7.
  • 250 to 499 Token Level – When you have that amount of tokens in your wallet, you qualify to earn 2.5% on your level 1, 1.5% on your level 2, 1% on your level 3, and 0.5% on your level 4 through to level 7.
  • 500 to 999 Token Level – When you have that amount of tokens in your wallet, you qualify to earn 5% on your level 1, 3% on your level 2, 2% on your level 3, 1.5% on your level 4, 1.25% on your level 5, 0.75% on your level 6 and 0.5% on your level 7.
  • 1000 to 4999 Token Level – When you have that amount of tokens in your wallet, you qualify to earn 8% on your level 1, 5% on your level 2, 2.5% on your level 3, 2% on your level 4, 1.5% on your level 5 and 1% on your levels 6 and 7.
  • 5000 + Token Level – When you have that amount of tokens in your wallet, you qualify to earn 10% on your level 1, 6% on your level 2, 4% on your level 3, 3% on your level 4, 2.5% on your level 5, 1.5% on your level 6, and 1% on your level 7.

The payout is based on each token being valued at $1.00 by Brank. Remember you paid $1.30 for the tokens.

You actually get paid 80% in credits and 20% in tokens.

When You wish to make a withdrawal you will have to pay a withdrawal fee of 20%.

Tournament Commissions

In order for you to get paid any money from the tournaments, somebody in your downline needs to enter and win the tournament.

The different tournaments have various prices to enter and various prizes to be won.

Generally the higher the prizes in tokens the more it costs to enter.

The way this works is when you join a tournament and when someone in your downline team joins the same tournament and wins, the member and you will win some commissions in the form of credits.

Also, the way that Branks tracks and pays your winnings is by using the uni-level compensation plan model that I explained to you above.

The rate at which those credits are paid out in the form of commissions is 80% in credits and 20% will be in tokens just as before.

Here is what you will earn when one of your team members wins in the same tournament that you are entered in:

  • 1st Level – If any of your personally sponsored members win, you will get 5% of their winnings.
  • 2nd Level – If any of your team members win and are a part of your 2nd level, you will get 3% of their winnings.
  • 3rd Level – If any of your team members win and are a part of your 3rd level, you will get 2% of their winnings.

That is really all there is to know about how the Branks compensation plan works.



The Main Problems With This Program

An MLM with no products or services.

Differences in the registration of the company.

There have been issues with these 2 specific points in other programs that are no longer around.

The program has many illegal ramifications and is highly likely to be shut down or run out of money in a very short time.

Is it a scam? that is a very hard question to answer and remains to be seen. Ask me again in another 6 months!

My Final Thoughts

I found this a seriously lacking business and not one I’m likely to join to make any money with.

MLM companies have actual products and this scheme has none at all.

The lack of information regarding the registration of the company is an issue when they are promising a return on your investment.

Not a great sign that I had to actively search to find out who the owner was and apart from what I found out on linked in I could not find a single mention anywhere else.

What was found out about other members also doesn’t bode well.

 Being investigated and sued by the CFTC is enough to put anyone off.

If the company doesn’t fold due to no new investment coming in, then I can only guess what will happen, but purely based on past experience of other companies like this is that the government will shut it down eventually.

The company could expand and grow very quickly and if this happens it will seal its fate of being closed down sooner rather than later.

Armed with all of the information provided to you in this post would you seriously join this company?

As previously stated I would not join this even if you paid me!

If you found this review of benefit then please share it using the social share buttons and thanks for reading and learning!

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6 thoughts on “Brank review Is It A Scam Or A Great Working Business Opp”

  1. Thanks for bring Brank to our attention.

    I have no time for MLMs as I personally don’t agree that people above me should gain from my hard work.  Everyone should earn based on the work that they do.

    If this was a legitimate company then it would be totally open and transparent, which is definitely not the case here.

    The fact that they take 20% off your money is rediculous, as it would need to grow by over 20% to even break even.

    I personally think this is a rip off and I will be going nowhere near it.

  2. Thank you so much, Lisa, for this excellently written article. Thanks a lot for the warnings also. I love to read those articles, it makes me clear how dangerous the online market can be. We have to be careful where to start working. My alarm bells ringed when I read. Branks was sued by the CFTC. What else do you have to read. 


    • You are so right we really do have to be careful, it’s great that you read about these programmes before getting involved.

  3. i get so mad when I find programs promising to help budding entrepreneurs and all it is is a scam they use to take your money. One thing I do to figure out if it’s a mlm scam is take notes. at the end if all I’ve written is a bunch of meme worthy self motivation platitudes it’s a scam. If I’ve learned something I didn’t know before, it has something worth paying for.


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