Affiliate One Review Scam Or Legit Program

Hello, and a very warm welcome back. This post is going to be a review of the Affiliate One Offer from James Fawcett.

As online business owners, we look for new ways to make money online.

Will this be the next best thing that turns our fortunes around or will it turn out to be a scam to stay away from?

That is what this review is going to be revealing to you.

How does it work, how much it costs and if we should invest in it?

What can we expect with a starting cost of $16.93?

Disclaimer. I am not associated or affiliated with Affiliate One. If you decide to go ahead and buy it I will not be compensated in any way.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

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Let’s dive in and learn about Affiliate One.

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Affiliate One Review Overview

Program Creator: James Fawcett

What Affiliate One Is: Email Affiliate Marketing Training

How Much It Costs: $16.93 + 5 Upsells

The Official Website:

Is It Recommended? No.

I do not recommend “Done For You Programs” If you want to earn money online this is the worst way of learning how to do it.

One question to ask yourself is how much money are you going to need to spend on advertising?

My Best Work From Home Recommendation.

About The Affiliate One Founder James Fawcett

After carrying out extensive research I didn’t really find any concrete information on James Fawcett.

C:\\Users\\User\\Desktop\\Affiliate one review-James Fawcett.

He does not have any social media channels at all.

I find that very strange for a supposed successful online marketer and program creator!

Even my Mum has a Facebook page!

The only information available about him is on Warrior Plus. (disappointing to say the least)

They, say he is a top vendor and affiliate who has many years of experience?

There’s no way to prove this fact one way or another.

Not being able to fully trust the creator is a red flag that would make me suspicious as to whether the program actually works.

Is that how you feel?

Does it put the word scam into your head?

One thing to note is this is not James’s first program he has produced 3 others called:

CheckMate, Phoenix reloaded and the Breakout code 2.0.

These are being offered by some affiliates for free as bonuses including the upsells. 

What does that tell you about them?

It makes me happy I never wasted my time and money on them!

If they are totally free now they cannot be that good, can they?

The upsells alone were over $600.

How Does Affiliate One Work?

Affiliate One provides “done for you” templates as well as videos to go through how to make Email Marketing work for you effectively.

It talks quite a bit about teaching you how to do Affiliate marketing.

I am an affiliate marketer and I can tell you 100% that this is not how it works!

Generally, you would build out a website, fill it with content and choose your own products to promote to make a passive income.

Or Start a YouTube channel for the same effect.

It is not normal to just build an email list!

Yes, you can use email in conjunction with affiliate marketing and that is a good thing to learn about.

But, it is not the real way to run an affiliate marketing business.

The income from an email list is called a referral commission as opposed to a passive commission.

What Do You Get With Affiliate One?

Affiliate One is a short course that consists of 5-8 minute videos that total 2 and a half hours.

Affiliate One Review-Dashboard
Affiliate One Dashboard

The first video is a $1.1 million dollar case study and a welcome to the program.

Affiliate One Fundamentals

This module has 2 videos.

  • All About the mindset needed for business
  • The process of affiliate one explained

Affiliate One Process

7 videos in this section.

  • How to find products to promote
  • How to get approved to promote products
  • Choosing which products to promote
  • How to build an opt-in page using click funnels
  • Building a thank you page with click funnels
  • Using exit-intent pop-ups and affiliate links
  • Connecting the Autoresponder

Email Marketing

4 videos here.

  • Email masterclass 101
  • Building a follow-up sequence
  • Setting up a rotator link and Email newsletter
  • Cleaning Your Email List

Affiliate One Traffic

3 videos in this last section.

  • Tracking your traffic and conversions
  • How to scale on-demand traffic
  • How to obtain traffic

How Much Does Affiliate One Cost?

The front-end cost is $16.93 but if you click off the page it will give you $4.00 off.

In order for this program to be effective in any way for you, you will need to buy the upsells also known as upgrades:

Let’s look at them now.

Affiliate One Upsells/Upgrades

You will notice here that the cost of the upsells is only mentioned for the 1st one.

Why is that?

  • Fast Cash Accelerator – consists of strategies for converting your subscribers to affiliates also including email swipes. Cost $37.00
  • 10x Auto-Commission Multipliers – techniques in email marketing and how to set up your Google ads.
  • DFY Package – as the name of the pack indicates, it is an additional Done For You package that consists of email templates that you can change.
  • VIP Inner Sanctum – it is a support group for struggling affiliates and coaching calls.
  • Reseller – it is the developer’s strategy to increase commission pages and resell the program.

The upsells from James Fawcett’s other programs come out at over $600.00 per offer. There’s nothing to indicate this will be any less.

Affiliate One Review-Pros and Cons

What I Like About Affiliate One

Nothing. This is a shiny object, not a lucrative business model.

In my opinion, you need to learn how to build a business from scratch.

Done for you programs are virtually useless!

And, This one is no exception.

30-day moneyback guarantee.

What I Don’t Like About Affiliate One

Upsells. Starts out looking like a small amount to pay and then you find you need to spend hundreds of dollars extra to get any chance of making this work.

Misleading Tactics. They don’t explain how to use Click Funnels and how much that costs per month. ( A minimum of $97.00 )

Hard To Make Money With. You need to pay for advertising on top of everything else to stand any chance of making money with this offer.

No Information On The Creator. Not being able to find anything out about the creator is a massive no, no. Most real people have at least 1 social media account.

Done For You Program Problems? No chance to stand out from the crowd because everything provided is duplicated many times over and that prevents you from ranking in the search engines.

No ranking means no free traffic.

If you want a far better option that really works to make you money then give this a try!

Is Affiliate One A Scam?

No. Technically, it’s not a scam as you do get what is offered for the money that you pay.

That does not mean in any way that it is going to work.

If you had a huge social media following and lots of experience then it might make you money.

For beginners, you have little to no chance with it.

Important Info: The money-back-guarantee only covers the initial cost. It does not cover any upgrades that you buy.

DFY programs are 10 a penny.


Because they do not work in the way portrayed by the sales page!

Do you see this working in just 3 steps as suggested?

Affiliate One Review- Sales Page-3 steps.
Affiliate One sales page

I for one don’t see this as being realistic!

Do I Recommend This To my readers? No. I strongly say to you to not waste your time and money at all.

This program is aimed at novices who know nothing about building an online business.

Here are a few examples of other done-for-you offers, that you can take a look at:


Tweeter Bucks

Profit Nucleus

They all seem to promise much and not deliver!

I know because I have been a victim of one or 2.

A Better Way To Make Money Online

Learning how to run your own business can be a simple process if you follow step-by-step training from experts that have done it before you.

Make affiliate commissions like these every month:

Affiliate commissions
Affiliate Commissions

A legitimate program is available and it’s available to take for a 7-day test drive.

You can have the whole year for less than $1.70 a day, which is less than a Starbucks.

What have you got to lose from this 17-year-old program?

I will be on the inside to coach and train you along with thousands of other members.

That is all for this review of the Affiliate One program. If you need any more information then ask away in the comments. 

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