5iphon Reloaded Review Is This A Scam Program Or Not

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. Can this viral email system called 5iphon Unloaded really deliver $1,000 in just 5 minutes?

The creators of this product bring out new systems at least once a month. Why do they do that if it makes so much money for them?

Have you heard of Bryan Winters and Tom E Mcting before or any of their other systems?

This one is free but has upsells that total $268.

It sounds very much like one of those Get-rich-quick schemes to me.

But we shall see if that is the case as we move forward.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with 5iphon Reloaded in any way. If you decide to go ahead with it I will not be compensated in any way.

Let’s dive in and find out how it works and if it is worth our time:

5iphon Reloaded Overview

Product Name:  5iphon Reloaded

Founder:  Tom E Mcting and Bryan Winters

Product Type:  Affiliate Marketing Scheme

Cost Of Purchase:  Free to join but has $268 worth of upsells.

Is It Recommended? No.

5iphon Reloaded is an affiliate marketing email scheme that just does not work.

You have to buy solo ads and share your affiliate links on Social media.

The methods they used in 2019 when this came out may have worked but they don’t work now in my opinion.

My number 1 recommendation is a better way of learning affiliate marketing and having your own online business.

Maybe you have a different take on things so let’s proceed and see how it works.

What Is 5iphon Reloaded?

5iphon Reloaded is an email program that is supposed to add subscribers using a secret system that works behind the scenes to make you money.

In fact, the sales page says it can make $1,000 in 5 minutes.

When you are sitting through the video a robot helper is building your website.

The system has been thoroughly tested and proven to work!

I personally cannot see that myself!

These guys bring out new programs all of the time and that isn’t because they really work. No. 

It’s to line their pockets because unsuspecting newbies fall for the BS and buy them never to make any money!

Have I explained how this makes any money? No. That’s because they don’t explain it either.

What You Get On The Inside

The way this works is really simple according to the sales page:

You are provided with a funnel that captures emails and offers you a free money-making website. 

You will then be offering the exact same system to others. 

Everything is achieved by following three steps: 

  1. Enter your affiliate link into the funnel
  2. Share your funnel on your social media profiles
  3. Sit back and watch the commissions come rolling in

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The Members Area

Once you log in you will be on this dashboard:

5iphon Reloaded review the members area

The video will explain the system it is 19 minutes in length. This video discusses affiliate marketing, which is the business model that 5iphon Reloaded relies on. 

This video is in no way long enough to go through everything regarding affiliate marketing. 

Next, you will have to choose the autoresponder to use with their system. You can choose between Aweber, GetResponse, and MailChimp among others. 

I personally use Aweber. but you can choose from the list below:

5iphon Reloaded review connecting the autoresponder

There is also a 2-minute video about using Udimi where you order and purchase solo ads. 

This is said to build your email lists faster, but it also means paying for each lead generated and that can cost up to a $1 each. 

Using solo ads is a bad idea because you have no idea where the traffic is coming from and you won’t have permission to contact them either.

Solo ads are a waste of money.

You will also be given 3 landing pages to use, so, that means you and the other members are all using the same templates.

That is bad news because the people you are sending these to have already seen it and will have sent you to the spam folder before they even read your email.

So, you won’t even earn your solo ad money back let alone any other money

The sales page said Free Traffic?

Ad swaps are recommended where you swap your email list with someone else. This has the same problem as with the solo ads.

How Much Does 5iphon Reloaded Cost?

5iphon Reloaded is free but all you can do is build an email list. If you want to earn as well, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version which costs $20 a month plus another $20 a month for the autoresponder.

The Upsells

With buying anything like this from these types of creators there are always upsells.

In this case 4 that total $268 which is where they make their money!

Upsell 1: Overdrive costs $47

How to 10x your income by also getting the commission from your referral base.

You are supposed to in the beginning give the first 5 referral commissions to the person who referred you. With this upsell, you get to keep the commission for those 5 people.

Not a lot of use if you have never recruited anyone before! 

Upsell 2: 10x Costs $27

You will be provided with 10x more funnels to earn from, but this will be useless to you if you can’t even generate traffic for your first funnel. 

Upsell 3: 10K Club is priced at $97

Having this upsell gives you a high-end auto webinar added to your referrals dashboard allowing you the opportunity to earn $500.

What they don’t tell you is if you earn when your referrals subscribe to the webinar or if the amount is automatically charged to their account. 

If it’s the last one, people will be angry, if it’s the first one it will be difficult to get them to pay $500 when they are yet to earn even a single penny. 

Upsell 4: Traffic Co-op This is another $97

Your affiliate link gets added to the rotator and will be promoted on the main website so if anyone buys through it, the commission goes to you. 

But what is not explained is if there are 100 people on the list and 200 people buy in a span of 5 months, you will only get a 2% chance of earning from this in 5 months 

My advice is don’t buy the upsells because they are not worth it!

The Pros Of 5iphon Reloaded

There are no pros to 5iphon Reloaded at all!

The Cons Of 5iphon Reloaded

1. They tell you the traffic is free on the sales page but when you get to the nitty-gritty you have to pay out for solo ads which can be expensive for no return!

2. These upsells are just another way of getting you to spend money. They would only work if you had a huge social media following or you had another way of recruiting.

3. 19 minutes of training is never going to teach you how to work in the affiliate marketing business successfully. That really is a joke!

4. Ad swaps as a suggestion is just as bad as solo ads. No idea of where the traffic is coming from and just as ineffective.

5. You are not building your own business all you are doing is promoting their landing pages. You cannot change a single thing on them either.

This type of offer is available for a while and then it disappears taking all of your hard work and money with it!

IS 5iphon Reloaded A Scam?

Unfortunately not! You are provided with some useless training that you will not learn anything from and some landing pages.

In my opinion, it should be classed as a scam.

The way they tell you to get traffic is an outdated model that won’t work for you all you are doing is putting cash in their pockets.

There is just no way this will earn you$1,000 in 5 minutes even if you waste money on the upsells. 

Do I Recommend This To My Readers? No. stay well away from it unless you want to lose your money!

A Better Way Forward

This program is never going to teach you how to run your own business online and it will disappear.

Instead of chasing get rich quick schemes like this, you’re better off building a sustainable passive income using the right tools with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 16 years and will give you step-by-step training as well as a community of people who will work with you to create your own online business.

Start the trial today!

There are over 1.5 million entrepreneurs inside who have taken the decision to work online and there are a ton of success stories that you can access.

You can upgrade to premium or premium+ if you are serious about starting a real business of your own!

I will see you on the inside to welcome you and help you to get started! 🙂

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