3 Simple Ways To Promote ClickBank Products And Make Money

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ClickBank is full of scammy offers, overhyped information products, and other pitfalls.

You can also promote the eBook jungle to your email list and website visitors with a variety of world-class products.

I will show you how to cut through the junk so you can find top-quality products you can sell and add value for your site’s visitors.

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Get to Know Your Audience

First, you should visit your own site to see who is visiting it and reading your content. Your site, for example, might have a lot of entrepreneurs, small-business owners, blog owners, and social media gurus who tend to visit it most frequently. 

It’s a good idea for Clickbank to look at your site and see who is visiting it. After you have done this, you can create a simple yet effective spreadsheet to keep track and organize all of the products you will be looking at.

It doesn’t even have to be complicated. You simply need the brand name and gravity. I’ll also explain more about these. A link to the sales page is all that’s required. This is exactly what you need.

Browsing the Product Categories

Clickbank offers tens of thousands of products that you could promote to your website. It can be hard to keep track, without a spreadsheet of the products you’ve seen, their prices, gravity, and all other factors that affect choosing a Clickbank product. 

Once you’ve reached the Marketplace and your spreadsheet is set up, it’s time to go over the categories on your left-hand sidebar. Does your website have a simple structure? Does it cover business, investing and computers? These are all categories that your users would find appealing. 

It is possible that you have another category that you love, depending on your site. Don’t limit yourself to the most relevant categories. Look at other categories to see if they might match your target audience. 

Sometimes you might find your best products with that. It’s important that you start with the most logical categories.

We’re going to focus on one category, which is e-business. Clickbank automatically sorts results by popularity after you click on the category. Popularity basically refers to the number of sales a product is generating.

Simple ways to promote clickbank Gravity

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Using Gravity

It is important to use gravity as an affiliate ranking system. Select Gravity by clicking on the little dropdown menu. Although gravity is complex, it simply indicates how many affiliates have made sales using that product. This is an important point for you, as an affiliate. The more people that make money using the product, the better.

These icons are the things you need to pay attention to. You can hover over them to see the explanations. It will show you the language. HopLink can take people to your general sales page or to this special HopLink that takes them directly to a page designed for mobile devices. 

This is not crucial unless your customers use mobile devices a lot. Also, responsive sales pages have more people so you don’t need to worry.

If this seems like a product you might be interested in promoting, you should head to your spreadsheet. Enter all information into the appropriate categories. Make sure you look carefully at the sales page. 

Most Clickbank products often have sales pages that are presented in a video. Watch the video to determine if it is something your audience would admire. If the product looks good, you will want to purchase it. 

Clickbank is full of products with amazing sales pages. But when you actually buy most products, you’ll find that they are not very good.

Testing the Products First

Buy the product, to avoid any misunderstandings and keep your audience happy. Ensure that it’s typically affordable. This is to ensure they will be satisfied with it if they decide to invest.

Next, make sure to look at the bottom. A small affiliate link is usually found at the bottom of most pages for Clickbank products. It is a link to several affiliate resources that can be used to promote the product. 

Click on the link to see if it appears. You should take a look at what they have to offer, including whether there are banners to assist you or a dedicated affiliate manager. They don’t always require you to sign up. You may see this message: “Are you already a member? Click here to get instant access to the resources.”

They may offer contests, and sometimes they even give away a lot. Take a look at creatives, also known as banners, and decide if they’re right for you. If you don’t like the banners, there are always other options. 

You can go to Fiverr for cheap banners. In general, I think the more product owners provide you with to help you promote their product the better. It’s a good idea to get a quick banner from them that you can use on your site to try it out and see how it works. 

It’s a good indicator of their willingness to help you when you become an affiliate. Even if they don’t show a lot, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to promote that product.

What Are the Required Steps to Become a ClickBank Affiliate?

ClickBank products are available for everyone to promote. It provides you with a hop link you can explore to refer buyers to the sales page. 

Here are the steps to set up your ClickBank affiliate account. 

1. Create a Free ClickBank Affiliate Account

Set up an account profile. Fill out your personal info.

Then you will need to enter your account info and payment details.

2. Get Paid

If you choose to receive payments via direct deposit, you will get paid every week. Clickbank issues the check every fortnight week.

3. Product Selection

Through the ClickBank Marketplace, you are allowed to check the broad range of products available.

The listings are sorted based on the popularity of products. You also have the option to find the product you want to promote using the search bar.


It is easy to find Clickbank products that match your site’s requirements. It is important to determine if the product appeals to your needs.

To ensure it is legitimate, you should review the sales page and product. You should find out if the company offers a lot of support for affiliates.

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