Youngevity Review Is This MLM A Scam Or Can It Make Money

Hello and a very warm welcome back. The review for today is on a company called Youngevity, This is a multilevel marketing company with over 2,000 products.

The products cover lots of different fields like Health and Nutrition, Essential Oils, Fashion, Food and beverages, Spa and Beauty, Home and Family.

As is the case with many MLM companies they claim these supplements clear ailments but have never been independently scientifically tested and are required by FDA and FTC law.

In the review, I am going to cover what the founder says about medical conditions, how much it costs to get involved with Youngevity, the products and if it is a business you should spend time and money on?

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of Youngevity. All of the information contained in this review is available online within the public domain. 

This is my personal opinion only and any recommendations are my own which you are free not to agree with.

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Let’s dive in and find out more.

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Youngevity Review Overview

Company Name: Youngevity

Company Type: MLM company with multiple products

Founder: Dr Joel Wallach

Business Address: 2400 Boswell Road, Chula Vista, California 91914.

Cost To Join: From $30 up to $499 + an Annual fee of $49.95

Is It Recommended? Yes and NO.

If multilevel marketing businesses just sold products through distributors by using affiliate marketing techniques then I believe there would be a lot more success.

However, with this business type, you have to recruit and that is where it goes wrong for most people.

To be able to rank up and receive bonuses you actively have to recruit others and steer them onto the course of not only selling but recruiting as well.

Another issue is the amount you have to pay every month for the autoship which is another $100.

If you love to sell and can get others to have the same enthusiasm as you then Yes this may just be what you are seeking.

Are you a total beginner? Yes. Then, in my opinion, this is not for you!

If I was a beginner looking for an online business I would choose an easier way to make money online.

The Youngevity Founder Dr Wallach

Dr Wallach is a veterinarian and naturopathic doctor, he founded the American Longevity Corporation in1997, which then became Youngevity.

Dr Wallach makes lots of claims about health and about how certain conditions come about.

Here are some quotes that Dr Wallach has been reported to have said:

  • “Cancer is a self-inflicted disease. It is not genetic in any way, shape or form. It’s self-inflicted from the time before you are conceived all through the pregnancy you are developed in from the moment you are born.”
  • “Birth defects are a very worrisome, totally preventable set of events. Birth defects are actually caused by malnutrition in the embryo. There is not a single, now hear me, there is not a single genetically transmitted birth defect. That’s all been a big myth.”
  • “Alzheimer’s disease is a physician-caused disease.”

You can prevent these conditions by taking Youngevity! You can hear all about it here. (source:

The CEO of Youngevity Is his son Steven Wallach.

About The Youngevity Products

As I mentioned above there are over 2,000 products so we would be here forever and a day before you got anywhere near the end so I’m just going to do a sample.

The top product from Youngevity is called 90 for life.

Youngevity Review_90 for life

This pack is from the health and nutrition section and comes in a choice of pills, liquid, and powder form.

It contains:

  • Tangy Tangerine 2.0 – this is a multivitamin and mineral complex and costs $79.99
  • Ultimate EFA Plus – these are soft gels that contain fatty acids and cost $43.99
  • Beyond Osteo FX™ Powder – designed for bone and joint support and priced at $55.99

From The Home and Family Section Comes Aquagevity Energy Tablets:

Youngevity Review_Energy tablets

These tablets help you to drink more water by adding flavour.

Other categories include:

1. Food and Beverages including coffee

2. Spa and Beauty (cosmetics)

3. Fashion

4. Essential oils.

None of the products from Youngevity have been tested by the FDA.

This has to be brought to your attention because this company can make claims of its products help with weight loss, fibromyalgia, anxiety, cancer, autism and many others.

They do not need to prove it either scientifically or otherwise!

If I was getting involved with this company I would test some of the products to be able to give an opinion of how they really worked!

Obviously, if they worked well for you then there would be no issue selling them to others. 

On the other hand, if they don’t work then is it really worth your time?

How Much It Costs To Join Youngevity

The first thing is there is an annual fee of $49.95.

Then there is the starting cost of $30.00 and for that, you will receive:

The Youngevity Welcome Pack Includes.

  • A Welcome Letter, that outlines the product categories, and the next steps for getting started.
  • The Health & Nutrition Mini Catalog shows the full line of wellness products.
  • A Spa & Beauty Mini Catalog, showing the Mineral Makeup, skincare, and spa, & hair care solutions.
  • An Essential Oils Mini Catalog, with everything from culinary delights to invigorating diffuser blend kits.
  • The Brand Flyers with popular product lines like Hemp FX and Youngevity Be the Change Coffee.

Next up comes the product packs these range from $159.95 to $499.95.

Also included is a replica website to run your business online.

How The Compensation Plan Works?

Compensation plans are usually pretty complicated as you can see from this screenshot:

Youngevity review_compensation plan

You can find out more from the website.

MLM companies all work in the same way by selling and recruiting.

Most people start off by selling the products to their family and friends and then doing parties to get people involved in growth.

For you to be eligible to rank up you have to get others to join your downline, if you don’t do this you will not receive any bonuses or moves in rank.

Youngevity has a resource centre where you can find out comprehensively how this works and it is better explained by them check out the 5 videos.

If selling and recruiting is not your ideal online business use my number 1 recommendation instead.

Distributor Rules

Youngevity has 38 pages of rules that distributors must follow to be able to stay in the company!

2 of the Rules, include you agreeing to binding arbitration (meaning waiving any right to sue in court or joining a class action), and waiving some claims and monetary damages against the company if any disputes arise.

The rules are a minefield!

Can You Earn With Youngevity?

The opportunity is geared up for people to make money if they work hard enough to stay within the rules and recruit others to join the program.

Stephen Wallach and His wife Michelle who is a chief operating officer, are earning more than a million dollars combined with their base salaries, bonuses and their own distribution positions.

Can you achieve this status? That is very highly doubtful!

MLM companies generally share their income disclosure statements which show on average how much distributors make.

Youngevity does not do this. I would be asking why not?

In simple terms, if you cannot sell or recruit effectively then this is not going to be the ideal business for you!

The Pros Of Youngevity

  • Youngevity has been around since 1997 and is a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange.
  • With 2,000 products to choose from you have a lot of ways of selling and you could do this online in one certain niche cosmetics for example.
  • Even though this is an MLM it is a legitimate business to run.

The Cons Of Youngevity

  • The company hides the income disclosure statements. If everyone was making a regular income they would be sharing the statements far and wide.
  • MLM’s have far and wide statistics that show that 95% of distributors fail. If you don’t have any network marketing and selling skills you don’t stand a chance.
  • You can generally get the products cheaper elsewhere and that makes them much harder to sell to friends and family.
  • If you just want to sell the products that is totally possible but that means no bonuses or rank advances which is where the real money lies.
  • Competition in this industry is huge! There are thousands of MLM companies worldwide selling these products and then places like ShareaSale and Amazon to compete with as well.

Is Youngevity A Scam?

No Youngevity is not a scam.

But, that does not mean it will work for you.

The Price of the products is very important to buyers and the fact that you can get comparable products cheaper is a big factor.

Think about how much cash you need to spend to get started the minimum is coming in at $160 and the maximum is $500.

Personally, I don’t think that is a lot for your own online business.

A real issue is the business model itself, Can you sell and recruit? Yes, then I recommend this to you.

Never sold, marketed or recruited ever? No. Then this is not a start-up business for you.

Would I ever join an MLM? I did previously and it was not like they made it sound so it’s not something I would do again even now that I have a ton of experience.

Another Way

Working from home full-time and building your own business is something many people aspire to do and it can be done through Affiliate marketing.

I make a living every day not having to sell anything or recruit anybody else and that really suits me.

Are you looking for a platform with innovative up to date training, support, live chat, and a website building suite, then take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s it for my review. I hope you have found value in it.

The decision is left down to you.

Lisa. Founder and CEO of

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