Why Are Blog Comments Relevant For SEO Strategies?

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. Today we are going to learn the importance of leaving comments on others blog posts.

Why Are Blog Comments Relevant for SEO?

How can you increase your search traffic and build links even if you don’t have any connections or money?

The simple answer is: Blog commenting.

The most important reason to leave a good comment is eyeballs on your own blog! It also improves bounce rate and gives added SEO.

Do not comment if you have not read the post. This causes problems for the blog owner and is not helpful at all as it raises the bounce rate and causes Google to Penalize you in the rankings

What Is Blog Commenting? Let’s see…

SEO blog commenting is a simple strategy that allows you to build links back to your website and establish strong relationships with people from your industry.

It’s about sharing ideas and opinions on a topic. It can help blogs attract traffic and leads, as well as add a social touch. It is a great way to increase referral traffic and create new links. 

If you are new to SEO, and you don’t take advantage of this strategy, your competitors will use it to their own advantage.

Blog Commenting for SEO

Below, I will explain what blog commenting is for backlinks, how it works, and why it is so important in the link-building process.

Why Blog Commenting is Important

It simply means that you leave valuable input in the comments section of a blog. The sooner the better! These are one of the easiest and quickest ways to build links to your site.

You’ll find a form at the end of most posts where you can enter your personal information. It is important that you include your website URL in the comment form.

This allows you to include a link back at your site in your comment that any person who sees it can click. This is link building at its most basic.

These links do not carry a lot of “link juice”, which will help you climb the ranks. They can, however, be a positive addition to your website’s overall link profile.

Google and editors will notice if you are getting backlinks from comments on well-known blogs. Two other benefits to blog commenting include:

  • They can help you expand your network and establish relationships with people.
  • This targeted traffic will return to your site.

Because someone will notice a comment of three hundred words at the bottom of a blog post, that adds tons of value. Blog comments are a great way for website owners to grow their online businesses.

Ryan Biddulph, of Blogging from Paradise, credits blog commenting for his success. His valuable comments on Jon Morrow’s blog led to his inclusion in their email list.

Through his comments, he established a strong relationship that led to valuable link-building opportunities and traffic through his being a guest blogger on the blog. 

Blog comments have a lot of SEO value. That’s the “why”. 

Now let’s look at the “how “…

Why Are Blog Comments relevant for seo strategies

How to Use Blog Comments for SEO

Blog commenting for SEO is an art form.

Your comment should add value to the post and be meaningful. Comments like “Great job!” are not going to cut it. You can think of it as a mini-blog. It should be valuable or continue the conversation.

It is important to keep this in mind because blog owners must approve comments they can appear on their blog. They will reject a comment if it isn’t valuable or worth it for their blog.

Here is an example of a comment that a blog owner might approve:

 “Hey Israel,

This was a great post! If you aren’t already familiar with this tip, I would be happy to add it to your productivity tips.

Fasting in the morning, which is when I wake up and drink a cup of coffee, is 10 times more productive than when I eat. It was my belief that it would be the opposite, or that I would struggle to eat, but I actually thrive.

This has been a great help to my coaching colleagues! It’s worth it.

Have a wonderful day!


These comments really stand out as it’s rare to see such engagement within this busy world. This means that it’s easy to stand out from others. 

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Tips for Commenting on Blogs

These are some tips and best practices for blog commenting that you should be following:

  1. Comment First: The first spot is the comment for the most traffic.
  2. Use your full name: Do not aim for keywords or your brand name.
  3. Use your correct email address: This allows site owners or other interested parties to reach you.
  4. Connect your email to Gravatar: This will display your profile picture alongside your comment.
  5. Be selective: Only select blogs and posts that relate to your industry or niche.
  6. Ask Questions Even if You Aren’t an Expert: If you are unsure about something that they wrote, ask a question.
  7. Add Value to the Conversation: Share your knowledge and experience on this topic.

Spam is not a good idea. It’s so simple, right?

How to Find Blog Commenting Sites and Secure Your First Comment

Neil Patel discovered that the first comment on a blog generates the most traffic and the most attention. How can you find blog commenting opportunities?

It’s easy: Identify the blogs that you wish to comment on. Get notified about their new posts. Then leave your comment.

Let’s have a closer look…

Step 1: Find the Blogs You Want to Comment on

It is easy to find blogs that you wish to comment on. Feedly is my favourite tool for this purpose.

  • Register for a free account to search for blogs that are based on certain topics.
  • Search for productivity in the Feedly
  • There are many sites that you can add to your “feed”.
  • Simply click “follow” to get started

Before moving on to the next step, take a few minutes to add blogs. It will be a huge help.

Step 2: Be Notified of Their New Posts

Once you have set up your feed, you will begin to receive email notifications about the most recent posts on your favourite blogs. These will also appear on your home screen:

The second step is…

You can set up a Google News Alert by going to the top of the page, and entering your keyword (e.g. productivity). You will receive immediate updates on all new content related to this topic.

Step 3: Leave a Comment

It is important to act quickly when you get a notification. The ideal situation is to be the first one to comment. As soon as you receive a notification, go in and leave a comment!

Wrapping it up 

Blog comments can have powerful SEO, networking, and traffic benefits.

To help you with your digital marketing strategy and link building, you should leave long-form, value-adding comments on blogs within your niche.

The more you comment, the better your results!

Sign up for Feedly to be notified of blog commenting opportunities. You can use these to create in-app or Google News alerts that you can immediately act on.

If this gave you value please share it to help others. Follow me on Pinterest for more awesome tips.

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    • Hi Shelley,

      lots of people don’t understand the importance of commenting on other blog posts and they are really missing out!
      I’m happy to of been of help to you.

      Kind regards,

  1. Thank you for the tip on commenting in the niche. I had not really thought of that as important. I have to figure that out as my niche is somewhat broad. I also signed up for Feedly.

    • Hey Elise,
      You are very welcome for the tips.
      The niche is important so yes it would be beneficial to think about what section applies to your posts.
      Feedly is great to have fun with it.


  2. Marvellous, Lisa. I thought I already knew a lot about commenting, but you added a few more things to think about. Like being the first to comment.

    What I was wondering: why is it important to respond with our full name? This isn’t usually the name of our company so I would expect it is not for findability or is it? On most websites we can leave our website address as well – I would think that is more important.

    Thanks and take care.

    • Hi Hannie,

      Thanks for the great comment and question.
      It is for findability so the blog owner
      can contact you further. Maybe they liked
      your comment and want to offer a guest post
      for their site after they have gone to your

      Have a great week.


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