RHIMS 4.0 Review Affiliate Marketing That Works From JayKay

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. I am very excited to do this review of RHIMS 4.0 from JayKay Dowdall. This affiliate tunnel toolkit is very well explained.

My main reason for being excited by this new offer is because I have bought products from JayKay before and they always overdeliver. He is trustworthy and totally non-spammy.

If you are an internet marketer and you need to build pages this is definitely for you. The detail inside is very comprehensive and comes in video form as well as workbooks.

Do you need a new squeeze page that converts then video 3 will show you step by step how to create one by following the over the shoulder training!

Every affiliate marketer needs to build lead magnets, bridge pages, thank you pages, and contest pages at some point in their journey.

This is 100 % suitable if you are brand new to affiliate marketing.

During the launch phase, this incredible training is only $17. After the launch is finished it will be $47. This is not a sales tactic to get you to buy it. It is a fact!

JayKay does this with all of his products after the launch.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Let’s dive in and find out more about this fantastic funnel Builder:

Program Name: RHIMS 4.0

Program Type: Affiliate Marketing Education

Founder: JayKay Dowdall

Website Address: RHIMS 4.0

Cost Of Purchase: Frontend $17 + 3 OTO’s

Is it Recommended? Yes. 100 % Recommended.


The Founder Of RHIMS 4.0

Before purchasing anything online I like to know if I can trust the creator so research is carried out to find more info about them.

In this case, it didn’t take long to find what I was searching for.

JayKay Dowdall was born in Newbridge in County Kildare, Ireland, and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. He has all social media profiles.

JayKay has been an Affiliate marketer & Infopreneur for a few years now and he has had massive success with the products he produced before this 1.

RHIMS 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. Quantum Commissions, Funnelize, and the Hive.

The programs he produces help in areas of building email marketing campaigns, designing and building marketing funnels, and setting up and using social media ads.

If you go onto Warrior Plus you can see JayKay’s stats are in the 4 and 5-star range. 


This is because he helps so many newbies to make their first money online using his superior training.

JayKay Dowdall

What Is Inside RHIMS 4.0

RHIMS stands for Really Helpful Internet Marketing Stuff.

Inside you will have access to 10 modules and 5 excellent bonuses.

Module 1 is a welcome video and the course overview. Includes info on joining the 10x Facebook group for assistance with any questions.

Module 2 consists of a 24-minute video explaining the affiliate offer workbook which you can download to keep track of all of your affiliate networks.

Module 3 has 3 videos. Video 1 is just over 5 minutes and explains what a squeeze page is. Video 2 runs for 14 minutes and explains when to use a squeeze page. Video 3 shows you how to build the squeeze page step by step.

Video script templates included.

Module 4 consists of 3 videos. This is the best training JayKay has ever put together on lead magnets. It covers the 3 p’s. The problem, The Promise, and The Presentation.

Module 5 Another 3 videos here the first tells you What a bridge page is and Why you should consider using one? the second video covers where to use a bridge page and the third shows How to plan and execute the Bridge Page.

Module 6 Has 2 videos on advertorials. Templates included.

Module 7 2 videos on video sales letters which are 1-page funnels.

Module 8 This 3 video series shows you how to build an exciting quiz funnel that not many people are utilizing.

Module 9 Learn how to build a written pre-sell funnel that has a very high click-through rate.

Module 10 Learn how to write an AIDA email in video 1 and stories sell email in video 2. You will see how to construct them as well as how to use them constructively.

The Bonuses

Bonus 1. $5,000 Affiliate Case Study. ($47 USD Value)

Bonus 2. Automated Funnel Training. ($47 USD Value)

Bonus 3. 59 Template Swipe File. ($27 USD Value)

Bonus 4. Learn how to do Microsoft ads for Affiliate Marketing. ($47 USD Value)

Bonus 5. This bonus is worth the whole $17 alone. A 30 minute 1-on-1 Strategie Call with JayKay.  ($250 USD Value)

RHIMS 4.0-Bonuses

The Frontend and The OTO’s

The Front End Is only $17 during the launch and then will be a one-off $47

OTO #1 (Inboxxr) – $1 for a 7 DAY TRIAL ($29.95/mth thereafter) Inboxxr is a premium email marketing membership that includes advanced training on how to leverage email lists to sell more, grow more, and become a more successful marketer.

OTO #2 (RHIMS 3.0) costs $27 This is the previous version of RHIMS and covers Affiliate Marketing in great detail.

OTO #3 (Funnelize) costs $47 Funnelize (another of Jaykays  Programs) is one of the highest-rated funnel pieces of training around. The Regular cost is $67, However students of this course can get a discount and pay just $47 one-time.

The Pros Of RHIMS 4.0

All of the training is in video form and it is not only 1 or 2 minutes long. The shortest video is 5 minutes in length and the longest is 40 minutes.

The detail in the videos is second to none. It is not just training it has tons of resources as well.

After choosing your affiliate offers JayKay will explain which funnels to build and why this is very powerful.

Each workbook provided shows you click for click what to do.

You don’t have to use the same page builder as the creator you can use the one you normally build pages with.

The OTO’s are not required they are optional to complement this version and they are very reasonably priced.

The 10x Facebook group to get all of your questions and queries answered can be a lifesaver.

Perfect for beginners.

The 1-on-1 call with this highly successful creator is a fantastic bonus to give away.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee that is honoured.

Who Is RHIMS 4.0 Recommended For?

Affiliate Marketers.

Email Marketers.

Digital Product Affiliates.

Cost Per Action Affiliates.

Multilevel Marketers.

Solo Ad Buyers.

Clickbank, JVZoo and Warrior Plus Affiliates.

And so many others.

Do I Recommend RHIMS 4.0?

Yes. Not only do I recommend it I purchased it and went through the training!

I learned What not to include in my campaigns.

 How working less can actually produce more sales.

 Why so many people have failed as affiliates and how to avoid making the same mistakes they made.

That  The “affiliate funnel toolkit” is a method to plan your funnels, your campaigns, and every step of your most profitable year in affiliate marketing.

Do I Recommend This to my readers? Yes. Because it does not involve a hyped-up sales page with made-up claims and it delivers a lot more value than most offers that cost $17.

After the purchase, you get instant access to the whole course immediately.

My favourite part about this program is once you have been through the modules, you can create profit-pulling affiliate funnels with full confidence like you’ve never built before!

you will get everything you need to turn traffic into conversions, sales, and leads.

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How I Work Full-Time Online From Home

For many years I searched for a legitimate way to make money online. I knew it was possible and I just had to find it!

The search actually took me 6 long years and I got into some terrible programs in that time and spent absolutely thousands of dollars.

Last year I finally found exactly what I was looking for!

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and as soon as I joined I felt completely at home.

I didn’t need any special skills as expert training is included, what did I have to lose.

Suitable for beginners and experienced marketers.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review. Including the pros and cons.

The Reasons I Chose Affiliate Marketing

 I work In the world of Affiliate Marketing. There are many positive reasons for this:

  • You can start today (with my #1 recommended program) If you want to build your own successful business it is best to upgrade to the premium membership.
  • There are no expensive tools or software to pay for
  • You can work on this a couple of hours a day in your spare time
  • You don’t need to make your own products
  • You will learn  all about SEO which is the organic and sustainable way of driving free traffic to your site
  • No need to recruit others to join
  • You don’t need to be concerned with customer support
  • No special skills are needed (which is good because I don’t have any 🙂
  • You can still earn from whatever you are writing today for many years to come, a truly passive income.
  • Everything you need all in one place.

Thanks for supporting me to the end of this post I appreciate your time.

Have a question for me then please leave it in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

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Lisa. Founder and CEO of mistakesbloggersmake.com

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12 thoughts on “RHIMS 4.0 Review Affiliate Marketing That Works From JayKay”

  1. Thanks for sharing your review on RHIMS 4.) Affiliate Marketing. I found this to be quite interesting because i have never actually heard of this program before/. It doesnt sound too expensive which is always a good thing because you never really know how these things will turn out unttil you’ve started.

  2. Thank you for this review on the affiliate tunnel toolkit on RHIMS 4.0 from JayKay Dowdall. To be honest, I had never heard of this toolkit, so it is a good thing that I have found this.I see that it is very trustworthy and that you have bought stuff from this person before, so I decided to also give it a try. I am sure it will be handy to process my blog well, so thanks!

  3. This doesn’t sound like a bad deal for those who learn visually through videos. (I would go nuts) the price is right and the turnover sounds decent. It is something my husband and nephew could get into with no problems. Video schooling makes things quick and easy to understand compared to books and walls of texts. The bulk of the population today prefers learning through engaging content, so this should work nicely for them.

    • It is great training and as you say the price is right.

      Video is the way forward for many as it’s easier to update.

      >Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Thank you, Lisa, for this review on RHIMS 4.0l. Though I’m looking at different reasons for squeeze pages that convert traffic to my site instead, I am not really interested in sales funnels – but the idea of engaging with readers and making them feel like they’re reading a work worth buying is something else entirely! This has been an interesting read into how JayKay does his marketing magic. He builds up hype around products by capturing attention from potential buyers before giving anything away too soon (a tactic often used by successful authors). Thank you so much again!

    • He is successful and does marketing in the correct way and that is why I trust him and purchase his products.

  5. I must confess that your trust level for Jay kay and his products excites me. I got fascinated with your conclusion that he over delivers when compared with other marketers who under deliver on their promises. Generating leads and nurturing them is the right way to building sustainable business. I see RHIMs 4.0 as a winning ticket to raising leads for your personal product and also affiliate products 

    • I totally agree my friend. Having gone through all RHIMS 4.0 has to offer it has been a pleasure to use and implement.

  6. Wow, this sounds very amazing and seems to be a winner, it is good to know that this system over-delivers, with a system like this I think that it is a winner. I believe anything that you can use in helping to make your business move forward is a great investment. However, this is the first time I have heard of this business. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hey Norman,

      This is a great system from JayKay and it is very informative for moving your business forward. When giving advice we should always over-deliver.



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