Revix Review Is This South African Cryptocurrency Company A Scam?

Hello and a very warm welcome back. Today we are going to review a company that hails out of South Africa Called Revix.

The company deals in bundles like Cryptocurrencies, Gold, and smart bundles.

The company are relocating from South Africa to the UK said Revix Chief Executive Officer Sean Sanders.

This is said to be happening because SA has been slow in terms of regulation in the industry.

Sean Andrew Sanders and 8 other members of the team at Revix all have linked In profiles. I could not find any other social media presence.

It’s great that you are here carrying out your due diligence before spending money on any opportunity presented to you.

It stops you from getting tangled up in scam offers.

Disclaimer. I am not associated or affiliated in any way with the company called Revix.

If you decide to make an investment that will obviously be your choice and I won’t be compensated.

Now that’s been said let us dive in and find out more about Revix:

Company Name: Revix

Founded by: Sean Andrew Sanders

Website address:

Price to enter: You can sign up for free

Best For: This program is not suitable for anybody who doesn’t have any experience of trading as it is extremely risky.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click through a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

(non of the links have anything to do with the Revix Program)

What Is Revix?


Revix is a company that helps you to invest in different Cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to investing with Revix there are a few choices of commodities you can invest in:

  1. Bitcoin.
  2. Ethereum.
  3. Pax Gold is an asset-backed digital token that provides direct ownership of physical gold.
  4. The top 10 bundle consists of owning the top 10 Cryptocurrencies.
  5. The smart contract bundle consists of owning the top smart contract cryptocurrencies.
  6. The payment bundle consists of owning the top payment focused cryptocurrencies.

You can sell as well as purchase currencies with this company.

How Revix Works?

Revix Review-How It Works
Source-Revix website.

The Revix system works by using powerful algorithms.

when you purchase Crypto-assets like bitcoin or Ethereum, the software finds the most profitable price in real-time and immediately executes the trade at an extremely high rate of speed.

When you sell the assets back (or exchange them), they will use algorithmic trading strategies again to execute a trade and immediately sell your assets at the best available price.

Every time you execute a successful trade, Revix will keep 50% of what’s earned in that transaction for themselves but then, every month, pay you back 100%.

This means after just 12 months (or less) of trading with them:

  • You’ve doubled your original investment immaterial of the amount!
  • You could have a minimum amount of $800 on top to use however you wish.

That includes more trades or withdrawing it as cash from the Revix platform.

There is a 1% trading fee. A minimum of R 20.00

The Revix Referral Program

The revix program does have a referral program where you can get others to join through an affiliate link.

All I could find after an extensive search is that you don’t get paid out in cash, Instead, you are paid in RR points which are their reward points.

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How The Revix Bonus System Works?

  • For signing up you will receive 5 reward points worth .50p sterling
  • Verifying your account will get you another 5 reward points worth .50p sterling
  • Making your first investment will net you 10 reward points worth 1.00-pound sterling
  • A subsequent investment will get you 5 reward points worth .50p sterling
  • For referring a new member will get you 150 reward points which equates to 15.00-pound sterling 
  • Give a Google review and receive 20 reward points worth 2.00-pound sterling. (only one allowed)
  • Complete a survey and receive 20 reward points worth 2.00-pound sterling (only 2 surveys allowed)

The Levels Inside Revix?

  1. The Blue level is free to join but doesn’t give you many benefits.
  2. The Silver level earned 200 Revix points and receive 10% off of trading fees.
  3. The Gold level earned 500 Revix points and receive 20% off of trading fees and a dedicated account manager.
  4. The Platinum level earned 1,000 Revix points and receive 35% off of trading fees and a dedicated account manager. + a t-shirt.
  5. The VIP level earned 5,000 Revix points and receive 50% off trading fees + hoodie. t-shirt, and cap.

Meet The Team At Revix


Founder and CEO

Sean Andrew Sanders

Sean has a background in investment banking, he previously worked at the Venture Capital firm Knife Capital, also at Sabvest as a tech analyst, and at General Pacific Management Services as a portfolio manager.

Sean has founded 3 start-ups of his own called Sataya an event-driven proprietary trading firm, Blocktree Capital a crypto asset advisory firm, and Application Portal a multi-purpose online university application system.

For the company Sataya Proprietary Traders there is a Facebook page with no information at all on it.

For the company Blocktree Capital, I couldn’t find anything online at all.

I also can’t find any info on the third company called Application Portal.

The only thing that is live online and has a website with information on it is the latest venture Revix.

There are 8 other members of the Revix team:

Ruan Smit – Lead Software Engineer has a linked In profile with no photo.

Tiaan Wolmarans – Head Of Product has several social media profiles.

Lyon Blecher – A senior Software Engineer has LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles.

Bilo Lwabona – A senior Software Engineer has Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn Profiles.

Francois Bothma – A software Engineer has a LinkedIn profile only.

Alex Marais – Head of Design has a Facebook page.

Janine Mostert – Head of Operations has a LinkedIn page and a Facebook page.

Leness van Kraayenburg – Head of Customer Success  Has a Facebook page and a LinkedIn profile.

The Contact Us Information On The Revix Website

The UK Office address on the website:

Senna Building
97 Hackney Road
E2 8JF, London
United Kingdom

However, Revix is incorporated under the company name Revix Uk Ltd and that has a totally different address of:

Hatherley House, 15-17 Wood Street, Barnet, Herts, EN 5 4 AT. The company found at that address is called Conance Ltd.

The South African Office address is:

Equinox Building
154 Main Road, Sea Point
8005, Cape Town
South Africa

There are several businesses contained in this building.

Revix Review Pros and Cons

What I Like About Revix?

  • Your Identity is protected, so you are not at risk for fraud or theft.
  • The ability to withdraw up to $100k per month depending on the tier that you purchase it in.
  • Intuitive interface with a lot of features and functionality to include live prices for all cryptocurrencies among many other things like portfolio updates, charts, alerts, news feeds from trusted sources, back testing tools to see how much money could have been made historically if one had invested in certain coins and more.
  • The ability to track market trends through several portals. The Turnover history is also available which can be incredibly helpful when analyzing an asset before purchasing, so you know if this coin has historically been profitable or not.

What I Don’t Like About Revix?

  • Quite a few complaints about High fees for making with drawls on Trustpilot
  • Currently, only available for certain devices like Android and not iOS
  • Customer support team is slow to get back to you. “According to a few complaints on Trustpilot”, It took about a week to receive an answer from them which made that person lose out on potential profits by waiting for the period of time they did. Meaning the trading opportunity was lost.

Would I Recommend Revix?

Although the website looks pretty good and has quite a few spelling mistakes I won’t hold that against them.

To be fair I would not join or recommend this program. 

The fact that the other 3 startups by Sean Andrew Sanders are nowhere to be found would be one red flag and a second is a discrepancy with the Uk addresses.

Even the South African address cannot be verified.

I just share the information that I have found through my research and the rest is up to you.

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