Perfectly Posh Review Legit MLM With Real Products?

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Perfectly Posh has been around since 2011 and attracts people to join their networks selling their products through a multilevel marketing structure.

However, I’m going to show you why this may not be the best idea if you are a total newbie online. 

They are legit, cheap to join and do sell real products so what could be the issue with this setup?

That is what you will discover if you keep reading!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or associated with Perfectly Posh at all and if you do join it I will not be compensated in any way. 

This is my opinion from carrying out over 300 reviews and the information can all be found online.

This post contains affiliate links and that means if you make a purchase I will receive a small commission the price you pay will not be affected.

None of the links is connected to Perfectly Posh.


Let’s dive right in!

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Perfectly Posh Overview

Table of Contents

Company Name: Perfectly Posh

Industry: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Products available: Beauty and Skincare products


Price: starter kits at $35 and $105.+ fees, taxes and shipping + $10 annual fee.

Mainly for Women

Founder: Ann Dalton 

Income Opportunity Rating: 2.0 / 5 Stars

Is It Recommended? Yes and No.

If you were just selling perfectly posh’s beauty products then I would do this as a side hustle but that is not the case.

To earn money here you have to recruit as well as purchase a certain amount of product every month. More on this as we progress!

About The Creator

Ann Dalton started Perfectly Posh back in 2011 and it is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The USA


There are no details on their website regarding Ann Dalton.

She can be found on Instagram where she has 699 posts. 7,976 followers and followers 965 accounts.

I’m telling you all of this so that you know she is a real person with 20 years of experience and also because parting with cold hard cash always carries a risk so you should check out the founder.

About The Perfectly Posh Company

It is not a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme. Although most people think it is just a beauty product company that is also not the case.

Perfectly Posh is an MLM company that majoritively sells beauty products whose ingredients are cruelty-free, for Vegans use and are all-natural.

The products are all manufactured in America.


What Perfectly Posh Sells:

  • Face Washes, Moisturizer,s Make-up removal clothes etc.
  • 8 Different Hand Creams.
  • Body cremes, scrubs, peels and masks.
  • Foot Cremes.
  • Bath Bars, Powders and CBD Bath Bombs.
  • Skin Sticks and Lip Balms.
  • Cann I Be CBD Products.
  • A Sleeping Supplement.

I’m not listing all of the products for you individually. However, you can find them all listed on the Shop Pages Of Perfectly Posh.

Many of the products have very intriguing and humourous names like ” are you Orchidding me” and “Gimmee A Squeeze”!


That could very well make them simpler to sell but don’t bank on it.

Even so, I would try some of them before attempting to sell them so that you can give an honest opinion of how they work.

Knowing how well the product works is very important and helps when you are asked questions.

How Does Perfectly Posh Work?

Firstly you need to get a sponsor and that can be done from the website and then pay a $10 annual fee for your own website and purchase one of the 2 kits on offer.

Starter Pack 1 costs $35 and for that, you will receive:

  • Mini Pink Ink™ Catalog (10 pack)
  • Polka-Dotted Guide
  • Pick Your 6 Notepads (3 pack)
  • You Deserve to be Pampered Sample Card (10 pack)
  • Heat Seal Sample Packettes (20 pack)
  • Posh Pay (Hyperwallet) Fee
  • Spanish Starter Kit Card

The Starter Pack 2 costs $105 and has the following items:

  • Sassyooma™ Exfoliating Jelly Wash
  • Sassyooma™ So Soapy
  • Honey Honey!™ Body Crème
  • The Healer™ Skin Stick
  • Show Me What You’re Mermaid Of™ Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème
  • BFF: Best Face Forever™ Exfoliating Face Wash
  • Moisturize 911™ Caffeinated Face Crème
  • Mint Floral Cosmetic Bag
  • + Everything that is included in the $35 Kit.

Extras you need to pay out for are shipping, taxes and fees.

Excluded are people who live in Canada.

I have been involved in a few MLM companies and in comparison, this one is cheap to get started with!

Not only do you have to sell the products but you also have to recruit others to do the same in order to rank advance and be eligible for higher commissions.

Now let’s cover the compensation plan.

The Perfectly Posh Compensation Plan

The Perfectly Posh compensation plan changed back in 2019 and is now known as Perfectly Posh’s Influencer Pay Plan.

This new plan affects your pay structure as it is based on your first 2 levels and your personal commissions and this has made it somewhat easier to make money.

The Instant Commissions

You are paid instant commissions with this updated pay plan. The more you sell the more you get paid!


Personal Volume Tier 

1-349 = 20% Payout

Sell 350-999 and get a 25% payout and so on as above.

Lucrative Levels Of Influence Based On Personal Volume.

If you are able to reach 500 PV in a year you can be paid 10-15% on your whole frontline volume (FLV).

Get to 1,000 PV and 5,000 FLV in one month of the year unlocks payment for the SecondLine Volume (SLV)


Available Monthly Bonuses.

TopLess Monthly Growth Award this Award is for everyone who does not qualify for the Premier Pool. 

You must get at least 1 point from each of the 3 categories to earn your award and be paid.



You have to get at least 1 point in each category (A, B, & C) to qualify for this Pool.
Earn points, then multiply them by your monthly rank percentage to find your share of the Pool.


The Rank Advancement Chart


People who click your link are then given a cookie and each time they make a purchase you will be given credit for the sale.

My number 1 recommendation doesn’t involve recruiting or selling products.

Training And Tools

Inside your virtual office is where you will find all of the training materials called Posh Academy.

An influencers guidebook called Polka Dotted and access to the newsroom will keep you up-to-date.

More training is available from your personal sponsor.

Can You Make Money With Perfectly Posh?

Making money with MLMs is possible and it takes a massive amount of work and consistent effort not only in selling the product also in recruiting new members.

The majority of MLM companies do provide us with an Income Disclosure Statement, this allows us to see how members earn money and which rank they have attained.

Perfectly Posh does not provide this information and leads many people to believe that this company is not a very lucrative way of earning an income.

I was not surprised by these facts because most people in MLMs end up a lot of money out of pocket because of the amounts of products they have to buy every single month.

Friends of mine were heavily involved in a similar venture and their garage was choc-full of products that they had to purchase and had never sold.

Looking at facts and figures about MLM companies the general rule is only 1% actually make any income from joining.


What I Like About Perfectly Posh

#1, There is a very low startup cost which is very unusual for an MLM company. $105 for the products is a very small cost.

#2. Not Tested On Animals. This makes for a convincing selling point as so many people including myself don’t buy products that have been tested on animals.

#3The Products Are Natural Based. How things are made is at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds so using flowers, oils, nuts, fruits and butter make another + in selling.

#4The Training Academy is a great bonus to learn how to sell and recruit.

What I Don't Like About Perfectly Posh

#1LaCore Enterprises acquired Perfectly Posh in 2020 and there is no mention of this on the Perfectly Posh website.

In fact, there is no owner information at all. (Red Flag) 

 The Better Business Bureau gave them an F rating and a warning in 2017. Many of the issues were attributed to the non-action of complaints from customers. (Red Flag)

#3. Not Providing An Income Disclosure Statement. Without this crucial piece of information, you have no way of knowing if anyone is earning money or not.

#4. Making An Income From Recruitment. Not only do you have to sell but you need to recruit as well as that is the only way to get advancement and make money.

Is Perfectly Posh A Scam?

No. Perfectly Posh is not a scam it is a legitimate MLM company that sells actual products that you can make money from.

Even so, there is going to be a huge amount of competition surrounding selling beauty products.

How are you going to compete with brands like Julep, and Olay? The answer is you don’t stand much of a chance.

Personally, I would not take the risk of this type of business because constantly recruiting is very hard to do.

Do I Recommend Perfectly Posh?

This is totally my opinion and all I can say is MLM companies are not for me.

Recruiting constantly and then selling on top is a very hard business model to have success with and that is why only 1% succeed.

Many MLM recruiters tempt you in with a fake it until you make it motto and convince people that working from home and having time freedom is what you will get.

Unfortunately, the reality can be far from that.

Another downside is you are using their website and tools, this means you don’t own a single thing. Whereas I own this domain and website so it cannot be shut down unless I personally choose to do it.

The FTC has a lot of info on MLM companies and the way they operate and I would urge you to do more research before considering this kind of business.

Some people are brilliant at recruiting and can make it work well, on the other hand, many more are not.

My Top Recommendation For Making Money Online

As I mentioned above I have been involved with MLM and many other online programs that turned out not to be for me.

Even so, I kept looking and trying and finally, a few years ago I found what I had been seeking at that was Affiliate Marketing.

Selling other people’s products is far easier and safer than joining an MLM.

Owning the business myself and being able to scale making an income to ever-increasing heights was the best decision I have ever made.

With this business model, I don’t have to buy anything every month to be eligible to keep going with the opportunity.

Joining the Wealthy Affiliate Training has taught me many new skills that will stand me in good stead for many years to come.

Blog building, writing, website building, marketing, social media strategies, Search Engine Optimization, PPC, YouTube, and so much more.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate for a 7-day test drive where you can use all of the features to build a successful business for yourself.

I will see you on the inside to help to get you started and be your personal mentor.

I hope I have covered everything for you in this perfectly Posh review if you have a further question leave it in the comments below.

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