Modern Millionaires Review Is Lead Flipping Legit Or A Scam

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. Have you heard of Lead Flipping? The course Modern Millionaires is going to teach us all about getting and flipping leads!

Is there anything you cannot flip these days? With the internet, it would seem there is a course to flip anything you can think of!

Looking into the Modern Millionaire course from Abdul Samad and Chance Anthony will show us if it is legit or not?

To make money online consistently we need leads end of no discussion it is a proven fact!

Leads mean money at some point.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or affiliated with the Modern Millionaires Course. If you go on and purchase it I will not be compensated in any way.

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Let’s dive right in and get started!

Modern Millionaires Overview

Program Type: Lead generation Business

Program Name: Modern Millionaires

Founders: Chance Anthony and Abdul Samad

Cost To Join? From $5,000 to $7860

Is It Recommended? Not Really.

This is a legit business model that teaches you how to obtain leads for businesses as well as buyers.

Obviously, the downside is the massive cost that most people would not be able to afford.

You will also need another few thousand dollars to be able to run PPC (pay per click campaigns)

If this recommended opportunity is out of your budget but, you still want to grow your own online business then my number 1 recommendation is so much more affordable!

In fact, you can join up for free:-)

About Chance and Abdul

Modern Millionaire Chance Anthony
Modern Millionaire Abdul

If you are seriously thinking about parting with that kind of money you need to know about the creators of the course:

Chance and Abdul have been featured in places like and Forbes regarding their success in digital agency’s to do with marketing.

Both are reported to be 7 figure earners and they have several digital businesses that have a turnover of at least that annually.

As you can well imagine this took a lot of very hard work and was not achieved overnight.

There are tons of positive reviews for their training courses that can be found on places like Trustpilot.

Success stories of lots of their students reaching millionaire statuses have come out over the 10 years in which these 2 have been partnered.

Abdul and Chance personally mentor students along with their team.

Their preferred method of teaching is to share case studies that worked, experiences they have had, and the results that have been achieved.

This method helps you to get things done working smarter not harder.

What Is The Modern Millionaires Program?

The Modern Millionaires course concentrates on generating leads using Google Ads for local businesses and websites.

It is teaching you how to make money in a step by step process. 

The system they utilize is aptly called the “lead-flipping method,” this helps you to develop scalable ad campaigns for local businesses and small companies.

There are 20 hours of video lessons included and a lot of other resources for beginners and veteran marketers, the program will give you the right tools and skills you need to build your own successful local lead generation business and make it into a highly profitable and very scalable agency.

Modern Millionaires Courses

This comprehensive course covers just 4 modules but don’t be fooled into thinking this is a get rich quick scheme because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We will learn how Chance and Abdul started their own marketing agencies and put them to work 24/7 on complete autopilot making it an officeless agency!

Modern Millionaires Course Review

Module 1 – Is Called The Basics

9 out of 10 courses start with an introduction to the business model and that is the same here, however, then they dive right into it to get you started.

The first thing we need to do is choose a niche and you are given 70 examples that make money.

You really need to take time over this choice as it is very important.

We need to learn and understand fully about our target audience, this is imperative when paying out for ads as getting it wrong can cost a ton of wasted money.

There is a lot to take in, in this module and you ideally should not rush ahead and take your time.

Next up we need to create a website for the agency and this is covered in depth.

Module 2 – Is called Prospecting & Clients

This second module of the program gives you training on how you can effectively manage your business to streamline sales and conversions.

All about learning how to configure the CRM and subdomains.

Also covered are 2 ways to reach and work with prospects.

The 1st method is through cold emailing and the 2nd is through the use of Linked In.

Modules 3A, 3B, 3C: Cover Traffic Acquisition

Now we are ready for the exciting part of lead generation.

As I said pointedly above you simply cannot make money without traffic/leads but they have to be the right kind. You cannot just target everyone.

Using Facebook and Google ads are without a doubt the most powerful method that is available at this point in time. This section alone goes in-depth over 2 modules 1 for each method.

Module 4 – The Automation Section

This last module covers automating sales and marketing with project management tools.

Here Chance and Abdul break down into bite-size chunks exactly how to build their successful automation strategy.

Everything is carried out in a step by step manner and there are lots of tools to use.

You will not become a millionaire overnight but, you will get specific training and steps to take action on.

The Pros Of Modern Millionaires

  • The program was created and developed by Chance and Abdul, who both achieved a lot of success in their own business models. As seen in Forbes.
  • You don’t need any specific skills, to have a background in online advertising or even any marketing skills.
  • The business model that is used by the Modern Millionaires program is a viable method to make money through Google and Facebook Ads.

The Cons Of Modern Millionaires

  • There is a lot of secrecy about how much it actually costs, it’s been quoted from $9.95 to ever $7000, that’s a massive price tag for a program.
  • The expenses do not stop with the purchase of the training there are additional costs incorporating digital advertising on your own. You will have to pay this yourself until you have a client covering the costs.
  • There is no promise of any success – it is totally possible to spend money on the opportunity that you simply don’t get back.
  • You will find added hidden costs not talked about during your assessment phone call, and they could be an extra cost of $300 to $400 a month.
  • These fees every month are a lot for anybody to spend who are just starting out.
  • No mention of a refund policy suggests there isn’t one.

Is Modern Millionaires A scam?

No Modern Millionaires is not a scam. It is a legitimate training course that will fundamentally teach you their business model over 4 training modules.

The course founders are well versed in this business and they share the information with you on how they built everything up step by step.

However, I do not recommend this course to my readers. you should also be aware this has been known as another name Millionaire Middlemen.

Why Did it change its name?

There is no way I would spend $7860 on a training course.

You can make money in many different ways online that don’t cost even a fraction of what Modern Millionaire costs. 

How I Make A Living Online

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular sources of income over the internet today.

And this is because of its great potential in helping you to become more financially independent if the business is managed effectively.

  • It is a 100% legitimate business model
  • It suits all levels of experience from beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • There are no products to purchase, no inventory management and no parcels to deliver
  • The Potential for profit is unlimited because you can market as many brands as you wish.
  • No money needed to be spent on ads

From the statements above, you can immediately ascertain that your main responsibility is to promote products through your online blog posts.

And then, you can earn commissions every time an individual clicks your personal affiliate link and uses that to get the products offered on the landing page of the business you are promoting.

Of course, your success in this endeavour relies on the quality of the lead generation and sales conversion.

And if you are a novice to affiliate marketing and have no idea how to start your own business, then you no longer have to look any further because I have the perfect answer!


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