How To Not Be A Stressed Out Blogger

Hello and welcome back, today we are going to cover How To Not Be A Stressed Out Blogger. When you get started with a blog and you are doing it on a full-time basis it can be a very difficult job to complete everything on a daily basis. I started to get stressed out when I was going on holiday for 2 weeks, Even though I was going to be away I still needed to write and schedule blog posts.

So I’m going to share some tips with you on how it was done and how to control your stress levels at the same time.

Huge mistakes can be made if you start to get stressed out, Then everything spins out of control.

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Tip #1: List And Prioritize Everything

Do you make lists? I am a huge list maker and I use them in all areas of my life. My husband is always asking me to remember things and to be honest my memory isn’t that great so I have a list stuck in every room of the house, we have a shopping list permanently stuck to the fridge when we run low on something we all contribute to the list.

Start by making a list of the jobs you need to get completed before your schedule gets out of control. So if you are going away in 3 months’ time, you need to write down all that needs to be completed before going, while you are away, and for when you return. Then give it a priority! 


Tip #2: Make Use Of Automation

I spent a few hours writing out very detailed lists of things that just had to be accomplished a few months before the holiday and before moving house, there is nothing like being organized. I went to bed an hour later each night for a couple of months to get everything completed.

That meant that posts were scheduled on Pinterest using Tailwind, Facebook scheduling, Hootsuite, and Youtube this automated the process of getting the content out there.

The e-mail responder was loaded with emails all prepped months in advance.

With all of that completed, it meant I could just concentrate on the packing and the moving process. Leaving me to check in every day for a few minutes to answer any comments or emails that needed my attention and to see the sales coming in.

Tip #3: Make Everything Simple

As an online business owner, it is not a great idea to go long periods without posting anything. But I needed to move to a new house, so how does one achieve that? the answer is to make the process simple, I had to create, edit, and publish posts in advance.

I had to make some youtube videos surrounded by packaging boxes and not looking my best. But hey as long as the information I’m sharing is what you are looking for that doesn’t really matter, does it? I’m just a normal person like you at the end of the day.


Tip #4: Do The Hard Stuff In Small Chunks Of Time

Do the most unenjoyable tasks first.

Let’s just consider how boring it is to go through the things you have accumulated over the years in your loft. Or how boring it can be to SEO and final draft some very long articles.

To ease the stress of the situation you can set a timer on your phone for 25 minutes and try to get as much done as you can in that time. If you are still feeling motivated at the end of it, then go ahead and do another 25 minutes. But if not hey, you have still been accomplishing that hard task a little bit at a time and that’s a great thing to do.


Tip #5 Who Motivates You?

There is a very good saying “Misery loves company” so don’t let your chaotic schedule take over all of your life as well as any conversations. Instead, take a break and spend some time with friends or family who will give you a positive piece of advice or just some support and encouragement.

My mum and our eldest daughter are two of my biggest supporters, I keep in contact with them on a regular basis, in times of stress creeping up, I will then talk to them every day or go out to lunch when time permits.

These are two people I can count on to give me a positive outlook on most situations. With my mum, this really got on my nerves when I was in my teens. But as a woman with children of her own, I realize just how lucky I am to have the support.

I also like to watch motivational Youtube videos and to read motivational quotes. Reading a good book for 30 minutes is also a relaxing way to change many situations.

If you found this valuable then feel free to share it using the sharing buttons below.

Lisa. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “How To Not Be A Stressed Out Blogger”

  1. The big one for me is automation. I am currently trying to grow my blog while working a full-time job, and in school and it is really tough to separate my time and make allocations for the blog and all the supplements for my blog, on top of this, I also have to study to get a few finance licenses for a new job I’ll be starting in the finance field. Doing all this has really brought a lot of stress to my life and I have needed to find an article like this that will make the process less stressful

  2. These are really awesome tips! Consistency is often the hardest part with nine business! I started a YouTube Channel when I was in college and consistency was just not possible with all the assignments I had along with working part-time. I have since graduated and started a graduate program, working full-time and doing my YouTube videos. Consistency is still a little difficult but creating a schedule has been helpful! I would like to learn how to use automated systems for posting. Can you suggest any?

  3. Its wonderful content here on your site alone has given me so much to be thankful for and I am really happy to be here seeing some really nice information. However, this really shows how much you are willing to help us all. These are top tips to help you and make work easy for us all and many of us bloggers do not know all of these things 


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