Email Profit System Review Will It Make Money?

Hello, and a very warm welcome to this Email Profit System Review.

Is it really possible to make $10,000 a month with a simple email system that has been designed by Luther Landro? Or will it be a fake program to steer clear of?

Many successful people in the online space rely on their email list to make a regular income because they sign up voluntarily.

That fact makes them more interested in what you have to say as well as what you have got for sale.

The sales page tells us that it’s simple to use for beginners and experienced marketers alike.

Focusing on Affiliate Marketing, Paid ads and email marketing this training is on the expensive side at $997.00.

Will it be worth our time and money?

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Let’s dive in and find out!

Email Profit System Review Overview

Product Name: Email Profit System

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Product Owner: Luther Landro

Product Price: $997 or 3 Monthly Payments of $397

Recommended: No.

To get involved with the email profit system you have to give your email address and watch a free webinar.

Email Profit System-Webinar
Email Profit System-Webinar

This webinar runs for 60 minutes before the price is revealed and for a further 30 explaining how it works.

It is going to tell you why you should not be relying on Social Media to get customers.

How you don’t need any products, no clients, not creating videos and you don’t need any experience.

One thing you do need is an ad budget on top of what the program itself costs an email autoresponder and a computer or laptop.

You will be sending leads to consulting agencies and receiving commissions of between 50 and 85 % of the $2,500 paid out.

That all sounds great until you do further research.

1. Much of this training can be found from free resources it’s not rocket science to build a one-page offer and send traffic to it.

2. Sending emails is easy to do by following the training provided by the autoresponder service.

3. Lots of people that have bought this product have requested a refund of their money.

Email Profit System Review-Refunds

You, have to ask why they wanted a refund in my opinion.

I cannot recommend a program that has a 25% refund rate for 50+ buyers.

Working online as I do I can tell you there are more affordable ways to learn all that this program teaches!

Who Is Luther Landro?

Always find out about the creator before spending and dosh!

Email Profit System Review-Luther Landrow

Luther Landro sells this program on Warrior Plus but he also has courses on Udemy.

He is a marketing consultant and entrepreneur with many years of experience and claims to be a 7 figure earner.

You can also find him on Linked In and Facebook.

What Is The Email Profit System?

The email profit system is some very basic training to show you how to write emails that convert the subscribers into buyers.

It has been created by a man who has brought out many other products on a regular basis.

In the webinar, it is explained that all you need to do is follow a 3 step process.

Connecting with your audience is going to be of paramount importance to be able to make $10,000 a month on autopilot.

You will be taught some “sneaky Tactics” from Luther to gain subscribers to your list that you can peddle offers to.

Even though this has been reported to be a simple process I feel you will be left very frustrated!

How Does The Email Profit System Really Work?

Once you have received the email with the login details you can then access the platform.

This is the dashboard:

Email profit System Review- Dashboard
Email Profit System Review- Dashboard

You can then watch the welcome video and dive into the training and access the done for you materials.

What you will be learning how to do is email your new clients and build a relationship with them before you start to throw in any affiliate sales.

Your main aim is to get leads onto your email list using paid methods and offer them services that solve their problems.

Learning how to close sales is a valuable skill but the closing is done by the people you are sending the lead-off to!

You will be provided with email templates and landing pages to entice customers to your list.

Sequencing of emails is also explained.

There are also some free methods of generating leads that will be taught to you.

How Much Does Email Profit System Cost?

This course is a one-time payment of $997.00.

If you don’t have that much cash to hand you can pay in instalments of $397 over a 3-month period. That will come to $1,191.00

Email Profit System Review-Cost
Email Profit System Review-Costs

One thing to note is there is a refund policy offered for 60 Days.

What I Like About Email Profit System

1. The refund policy gives you the confidence to try this out in the first place. If it doesn’t work you can get the money you have spent back.

2. Lutha Landrow has a massive amount of experience in the field of affiliate and email marketing. Learning how to make money from him could be a big plus.

3. Learning How To Make Money Online. What is being taught here are very valuable skills. Email marketing is a must if you want to scale an existing business.

Affiliate marketing is used by millions of people every day in business.

What I Don’t Like About Email Profit System

1. The course is very Expensive. I have seen a ton of free training on Youtube and other services that are either free or very little money down that are more comprehensive than this training.

I would choose one of the other avenues available.

2. A Problem With Refunds. After visiting the vendor’s site at Warrior Plus it really gave me a lot of pauses seeing the very high refund rate.

25% is huge and it indicates that the program is not worth the high ticket price tag. A big red flag waving right there.

3. Learning how to do affiliate marketing is something everyone should be taught at school. However, from my experience, I know there are far better pieces of training around to choose from.

Not only more comprehensive but definitely far less cost involved and no paying out for ads to get leads to the offers, all done using free traffic.

Is Email Profit System A Scam?

No. The email profit system is not a scam at all.

If you look at his record on Udemy and Warrior Plus you will see that he has a good score from people that have bought his other products.

With this system, you will receive all of the promised materials.

However, whether they will produce $10,000 a month for you is anybody’s guess.

My biggest issue is this actual system has a terrible refund rate and that did not occur with his other offers.

Now, that could be caused by the hyped-up webinar about earning so much money as a beginner.

Once people are told these figures they think it will happen pretty much straight away and that is not a normal scenario.

It takes time and money to get the right audience for the offer and many through no fault of their own don’t stop to consider those facts.

Regardless of the system, you use there is going to be a learning curve that you need to overcome.

Building a business takes time online the same as off.

I use a platform that teaches this and so much more that has been around for 17 years and costs a fraction of what the Email Profit System charges.

Why not take a test drive of it as a comparison?

With my business, you will learn affiliate and email marketing and have your own website and online business.

You can earn a monthly amount like this given time.

Affiliate commissions

This step-by-step system is absolutely perfect if you are a beginner with zero skills.

See you on the inside.

Lisa 🙂

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