7 Simple Ways To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Blog For Free

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. Traffic as bloggers we all need it and getting it for free is the best long term strategy if you have a small budget.

We will go through 7 Simple Ways To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Blog For Free.

1. SEO (search engine optimization)

2. Use social media, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter Etc.

3. Select Long Tail keywords

4. Use Hashtags In Your Posts

5. Guest blogging

6. Email Marketing

7. Building Backlinks

Simple fact traffic equals sales but not all traffic is the same. You can have 10,000 visitors who have no intention of purchasing anything or 1,000 of which 500 make a purchase.

I know which traffic we would all prefer and it’s the targeted kind!

Many new bloggers and marketers think all traffic is equal and the more the better. However, that is not the case. What good is bot traffic to you for instance?

Will a bot make a purchase? Of course not!

Treating your website as a funnel is the best way forward as it can help you to:

  • Track Your marketing.
  • Learn about your audience
  • Grow your SEO
  • Achieve more leads and conversions to see more sales.

Focusing on these points will have us driving quality traffic to our website in no time.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Let’s dive in and learn the 7 strategies needed to reach our end game:

1. Search Engine Optimization

I put this as my number 1 because it is my favourite option. It is much harder work for the first 6 months but the rewards in the long term are far superior.

SEO is a method used to be ranked by the search engines the higher up on page 1 you are the more traffic you will acquire.

To get a good SEO score you should write posts targeted at answering questions that people are searching for on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Filling in the Meta description will also help you massively to show the search engines exactly what your post is about.

The Meta description sits under your title in Google as seen below:


The actions above are known as on-page SEO.

Having traffic brought to your site using this tactic is preferable because it is highly targeted and free!

2. Use Social Media

Utilizing your social media channels is a great way to see free targeted traffic. The majority of platforms have dedicated business pages to help you with more exposure.

Here are 4 popular sites to take advantage of:


Why you should use Pinterest? More than 400 million people use Pinterest every month to find ideas and inspire their next purchase. (2021 figures)

You only need a small slice of that pie to earn a full-time income.

A business page is available the advantage here is the type of targeted traffic that will visit your pins and posts.

This was my biggest source of traffic for the first 7 months of this blogs life.


you can have different profiles on Facebook a personal page and a fan page (business page) that way you can keep things separate.

The biggest advantages of having a fan page are there is no limit to the number of followers you can have. 

There is the ability to boost posts for a small charge and you can post your blog posts directly to the page.

I post every single blog to my fan page without fail and there is an easy flow of traffic coming through from this source.

Another advantage is to join Facebook groups that contain like-minded users and answer any questions that they pose after a time they will seek out your website.


On average there are 500 million tweets sent every single day on Twitter.

People go on Twitter to find answers to many questions that you can be the answer to!

Make use of this platform for more traffic. You would be mad not to!


Another option for Free Traffic from a community of like-minded professionals.

 LinkedIn is a very useful platform because the people on there are much more organized and they know exactly what they want.

 Unlike on other social media where the interests are of a more diverse nature.

You can create a business page and posts that link back to your website. 

There is also the ability to Invite your connections to engage with your content to attain more leads.

Bonus Tip:

Use social sharing buttons on your web pages and ask your visitors to use them to spread the word for you!


3. Select Long-Tail Keywords

Specifically targeting long-tail keywords will have you ranking in the search engines much faster than if you go for short-tail keywords.

Searches do generally type in a short-tail keyword, however, they are much harder to rank for.

Lots of people now use a technology known as voice search and this makes the question they ask in a longer form, which is better for long-tail keyword users like you.

Finding keywords is easy to do using the Jaxxy keyword research tool.

4. Use Hashtags In Your Posts

By adding hashtags to your website pages and blog posts, you can reach a bigger audience and get discovered by users searching for your products and services. 

This ultimately means more eyes on your links, and more free traffic you’re getting to your website

Twitter is also a place you should use hashtags.

5. Guest Blogging

This is a big opportunity that lots of people don’t take advantage of and you are really missing out on a ton of free traffic.

Simply contact bloggers in your niche with huge audiences and ask if you can write a post for them. Many advertise for guest bloggers on Pinterest and Facebook.

Guest Blogging

Some benefits of guest blogging:

  • The ability to internally link to more of your posts.
  • your posts will be shared by a much bigger audience and gain huge exposure.
  • Influencers can shout you out in their roundup posts and include your post.
  • Can grow your social media following.

Other bloggers can also write for your site so no money needs to change hands!

6. Email Marketing

Sending out emails to your subscribers is another good way to get free traffic.

They were interested in a post to sign up in the first place so they will be likely to read other posts and learn about new offers.

 As long as you don’t flood their inbox you will be golden.

7. Building Backlinks

A backlink, in a nutshell, is a link to your website from another website.

 Backlinks from big businesses or industry influencers will not only get your business in front of a larger audience but will also drive quality traffic to your website.

In addition, when Google sees backlinks on your site it will increase the trust in your business as it sees other trusted sites pointing to yours.

The more trust you can gain from Google will lead to higher rankings, which leads to more traffic.

You can get noticed by Google for free with quality backlinks.

My Final Thoughts

The reason behind choosing these 7 tips is because they are very easy for new bloggers to implement.

I learned all of these strategies and so much more when taking advantage of a 16-year-old platform for blogging and traffic training.

Now to go off and get some free traffic!

Thanks for supporting me to the end of this post I appreciate your time.

Have a question for me then please leave it in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Did you get value from this post? If you did then please share it to help others using the social media buttons provided.

 Thank you.

Lisa. 🙂 Founder and CEO of mistakesbloggersmake.com

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8 thoughts on “7 Simple Ways To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Blog For Free”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing a great article to read to learn more about 7 simple ways to get targeted traffic to my blog for free, I never thought about sharing hastags on a post, I would love to learn more about how to do it, as it sounds like it can help to readers to find my website and read the content. 

  2. Hi Lisa. Thank you for very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing but I already learned that high quality traffic is key to success. I already knew that optimized SEO is one of most important factors but some of your ideas are completely new for me, and for sure I will focus more on email marketing. Looking forward to use your advices in practice.

    • Hey Cogito,

      It’s great to know that you learned some new tips from this post.

      Putting them into practice will bring you more traffic.

      Wishing you great success on your blog.


  3. Getting free traffic is the best because it’s free. But not only for that, in many cases, it could even be of higher value than paid traffic. When a person clicks on an add, it’s a different mindset than when they click a free link. So, we can deliver upon that and convert a loyal customer. I would like to get started in email marketing. Building trust with time is my motto.

    • Hi Paolo,

      Starting email marketing is a long term business strategy that we all need to sustain our incomes. You are right when you say they are loyal customers.

      I wish you success with your email campaigns.


  4. Great ideas!! Using hashtags can be a total game changer as many people who follow a hashtag can be driven to your site. Guest blogging sounds great too. You can simply leverage medium, an authority which by default has high rankings, and write an article there. I do target long tail keywords with SEO as it is a less saturated source of organic traffic. Keep that traffic going pal. Cheers

    • Hey Julian,

      Yes, hashtags can lead many people to find your site easily and guest blogging is another great way of being seen. Thanks for the support.

      Have a great week.



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