How To Get Paid To Review Products Online

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. The blog for today is going to be all about How to Get Paid to Review Products Online.

Reviews are not just for consumers. Companies value your feedback and will use it to improve their products.

Some companies will pay customers for honest feedback, while others offer free products in exchange. This is a great way to get paid to review products online.

Both businesses and consumers need reviews in order to succeed. That is a fact that no one can ever deny. I read reviews on Amazon every day. Some companies will even pay you to review products.

You won’t become rich but it’s possible to earn a living by reviewing products. Here are the steps to earn money online by reviewing products.

Do you check out the reviews that customers left online to see if they are satisfied with your product?

It can be hard to convince companies to pay reviews directly. Companies that do this tend to work with an intermediary.

If you are interested in writing reviews and getting paid for it, there are many websites and services you can sign up with.

Let’s dive in and learn more about what is available to you:

How To Get Paid To Review Products Online-slice of pie

1. Slice the Pie

Do you enjoy listening to new music? Slice the Pie will pay you for reviewing music.

Slice the Pie will pay you per song you review. The better your review is, the more money Slice the Pie will pay you. 

You can make PayPal withdrawals after your account reaches 10 dollars.

2. American Consumer Opinion

I did surveys for years with this company when my children were small!

Every survey you complete rewards you with points.

You can use points to redeem cash via PayPal, sweepstakes entries, or charitable donations. 

You have the option of choosing how you would like to be rewarded.

3. LifePoints

LifePoints pays its users to take part in surveys. 

You may be asked about products you have purchased. 

Some will focus on more general topics.

LifePoints will award you for each completed survey. 

If you don’t provide enough demographic information, some surveys may disqualify your participation. 

You’ll still be able to earn LifePoints if this happens.

You can use LifePoints to redeem rewards. 

You have the option to redeem LifePoints for cash deposits, gift cards, or charitable donations.

How To Get Paid To Review Products Online-Software

4. SoftwareJudge

How many computer programs do you use? might pay for you to write high-quality, detailed reviews.

Here’s the way it works:

SoftwareJudge offers a comprehensive list of software.

Next, write a review if you’ve used any of this software. 

You will earn more money for a review that is better than average. (Up to 50 cents per review…)

However, not all reviews are published. 

If your account is $200, you cannot cash out until that amount is earned. 

You can trade in your $200 account for eBooks and software but not cash.

SoftwareJudge will notify you when your review gets published.

5. Create a Review Blog

Start your own review blog if you don’t mind dealing with the requirements of another website to be paid for reviews. 

Although it can be challenging at first, this is a great way to make money reviewing products.

These can be your results!

Affiliate commissions

6. UserTesting – Get Paid to Write Reviews for UserTesting.

Do you leave a lasting impression on visitors to a new website?

Are you annoyed that you can’t find what you’re looking for online easily?

If you answered “yes”, then you might be a good candidate for website testing.

UserTesting is the act of looking at a company’s site.

Screen and record your first impressions, then follow the instructions provided by the company to obtain your feedback.

UserTesting, one of the most recognized companies offering website testing, is also a major player.

After creating an account, they’ll match your profile with website testing job openings.

A 5-minute gig costs $4 and a 20-minute test costs $10. Live interviews can cost up to $120.

Even though there may not be tests every time, this is an excellent side-hustle you can do during your spare moments.

How To Get Paid To Review Products Online-Dollar

7. InboxDollars

InboxDollars pays its users for a range of tasks:

  • Taking paid surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Gaming
  • Online shopping
  • Reading emails

You will be sent invitations to participate in available surveys and tasks. InboxDollars will pay you cash, not points. Since 2000, its customers have received more than $56 million USD.

8. PinchMe

PinchMe, which is quite different from other websites, actually sends you the products to be reviewed. These products include beauty, food, and household items.

Once you have created an account, you will be able to claim your monthly samples.

PinchMe will mail the samples to you, and you’ll be able to share your feedback once you’ve used them.

PinchMe rewards you for reviewing. After you accumulate enough coins you can cash them out for rewards.

9. Crowdtap

Crowdtap allows you to earn money for sharing your opinion and reviewing products.

They also offer product testing and surveys.

You’ll be able to cash in rewards for gift card purchases for any of the above tasks.

10. Panel PayDay

Panel PayDay is a survey website that offers hundreds of different surveys.

Surveys allow you to voice your opinions about new or past products and/or services.

Some of the highest-paying survey sites pay as much as $75.

The reality is that most surveys won’t pay a lot.

The good news is that you don’t have a limit on how many surveys you can take.

11. Apperwall

Apperwall will pay you to review apps or games you love. Here’s the way it works:

  • Sign up now for an Apperwall profile
  • Get the links to the latest apps each day.
  • Give the app a try and leave a comment.
  • After approval is the payment.

Apperwall doesn’t give a precise amount per review, but it looks like it is around $1.

Apperwall also offers a referral program that gives users 10% of their earnings.

12. MomsMeet

MomsMeet offers a great opportunity to get paid for organic and natural products.

It offers you the chance to receive free samples of eco-friendly, natural, and organic products once you have created an account.

13. GetReviewed

This site is great for bloggers looking to get paid for sponsored reviews.

GetReviewed allows brands to connect with influencers or bloggers looking for product reviews.

Unfortunately, the brand can also reject your post.

You won’t likely get paid if your honest review isn’t positive.

But it could still be useful for the right blogger.

14. NetGalley

NetGalley lets you request advanced copies to read and review books.

However, they won’t pay you any money.

If you’re looking for free books or ways to meet new authors, this could be a great choice.


For businesses, reviews are vital.

These reviews are so valuable that companies will pay you to get them.

It doesn’t matter if your interests are in reviewing household products, beauty items, or music.

You can still get paid for your opinion.

Or you can start your own online business with Affiliate Marketing.

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